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How did Apple emerge as a leader? Primarily through its iPhone series...
YOLE Group
Wise-integration Raises €15 Million in Series B Funding Round
Innovation in sensor technology: development of a new pH sensing layer
Fraunhofer IPMS
ZESTRON to Present at Upcoming iMAPS Device Packaging Conference
Indium Corporation to Showcase Proven EV Products and High-Reliability Alloys at productronica China
Indium Corporation
Imec presents levers to reduce the CO2 equivalent footprint of lithography and etch
EU Consortium Developing Next-Gen Edge-AI Technologies Is Accepting Design Proposals
UL-Authorization Received for Ventec High-CTI, Halogen Free FR15.1 Substrates
Ventec International Group Co., Ltd.
What Year Was It?
The day was Mar 1. What year was it?
Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped
What Year
In a crime that captured the attention of the entire nation, Charles Lindbergh III, the 20-month-old son of aviation hero Charles Lindbergh, is kidnapped from the family's new mansion in New Jersey.
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What Year Was It Answer
Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped
Answer: March 1, 1932
March 1, 2024
2.5D Integration: Big Chip Or Small PCB?
2.5D integration emerges as a promising solution for compact yet powerful electronic devices, blending chip stacking with interposer technology. This approach revolutionizes both chip design and PCB assembly, opening avenues for smaller, more efficient products.
Semiconductor Engineering
VIEWPOINT 2024: Rich DePoto, Business Development Manager, Uyemura
Uyemura's "Technology Roadmap" for 2024 focuses on the 4 key factors driving our PCB and semiconductor customers. These are: high-density component footprints with lines and spaces less than 20 microns; an increasing need for processes tailored to higher frequency circuit designs; greater demand for products ...
Durability and Cost Benefits Drive Mil-Aero Demand for OCPP
The white paper details a real-world use case where dummy IC packages converted to Open-Cavity Plastic Packages (OCPP) passed stringent burn-in and MSL tests ...
Technical Paper
Water scarcity threatens chipmakers like TSMC and could push prices higher, according to S&P
Climate change threatens to increase chip prices due to extreme weather affecting semiconductor production. Rising temperatures and natural disasters disrupt supply chains, leading to potential shortages and higher costs for electronic devices globally.
Partners Applaud Intel Foundry's Wider Ecosystem Approach
Intel launched Intel Foundry as a distinct entity at Intel Foundry Direct Connect 2024 event, aiming to serve AI-era chip needs, even for competitors. With plans for frequent node releases and customer wins, Intel pledges to be a pivotal player in semiconductor innovation.
EE Times
Design Tool Think Tank Required
In the dynamic world of EDA, technologists face the challenge of aligning customer needs with evolving technology. While industry giants grapple with complex issues, like energy efficiency, collaboration and streamlined processes emerge as vital for innovation and progress.
Semiconductor Engineering
Apple CEO Tim Cook says company is 'investing significantly' in generative AI
Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils a major investment in artificial intelligence, embracing generative AI's transformative potential. Hinting at a groundbreaking announcement, Cook underscores AI's pivotal role in products like Apple Watch and MacBook chips, promising innovation ahead.
GlobalWafers posts record profit, despite headwinds
GlobalWafers Co reported a record profit of NT$19.77 billion for 2023, up 28.6%, buoyed by long-term supply agreements. Despite industry challenges, revenue hit NT$70.65 billion. Optimistic about AI tech's impact on demand, the company anticipates a gradual semiconductor industry recovery in 2024, with sales forecasted to surge 13-20%.
Taipei Times
Commercial Chiplet Ecosystem May Be A Decade Away
Industry collaboration is key to overcoming technical hurdles and establishing standards for seamless integration in the development of a robust commercial chiplet ecosystem. Projected to take up to a decade, this revolutionizes semiconductor design and manufacturing.
Semiconductor Engineering
Google CEO tells employees Gemini AI blunder 'unacceptable'
Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed AI mistakes in a memo, acknowledging issues with the Gemini image-generator feature. Historical inaccuracies and biases led to its temporary shutdown. Pichai vows improvements for unbiased, accurate AI products.
Meta to partner with Samsung to reduce reliance on TSMC: presidential office
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces collaboration with Samsung Electronics to develop AI semiconductors, reducing reliance on TSMC. Following talks with President Yoon Suk Yeol in Seoul, Zuckerberg underscores Samsung's role in securing chip supply amid geopolitical tensions.
The Korea Times
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What does http stand for?
Answer: hypertext transfer protocol. HTTP is the protocol between the client (your computer using web browsers) and the server (web server serving web pages and similar online resources).