Industry Press
EV Group and Fraunhofer Expand Partnership in Quantum Computing
EV Group
Element Six and Orbray partner to deliver single crystal synthetic diamond
Element Six
WIN Semiconductors Announces High Ruggedness mmWave RF GaN on SiC Technology
WIN Semiconductors
iQ3 CMUT sensor from Butterfly Network: the ins and outs
YOLE Group
Sondrel secures major funding
Indium Corporation Welcomes 13 New Interns Into Award-Winning Program
Indium Corporation
StratEdge High-Performance Semiconductor Packages to be on Display at IMS 2024
StratEdge Corporation
Fractilia Adds OPC Metrology to Stochastics Control Solution for Improved EUV Yields
What Year Was It?
The day was Jun 18. What year was it?
First American Woman in Space
What Year
The space shuttle Challenger is launched into space. Aboard is Dr. Sally Ride, who became the first American woman to travel into space.
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What Year Was It Answer
First American Woman in Space
Answer: June 18, 1983
June 18, 2024
IC Industry's Growing Role In Sustainability
The AI industry's power demands highlight the need for sustainable semiconductor production. Gartner predicts 50% of organizations will adopt sustainability monitoring by 2026 to manage energy and carbon footprints. Efficient chip design can reduce power consumption.
Semiconductor Engineering
Advanced Packaging Reshaping the Chip Ecosystem
BCG highlights advanced packaging as a transformative shift in the microelectronics ecosystem. Replacing traditional scaling, multichip packaging enhances performance, reduces costs, and accelerates time-to-market. This approach now drives microelectronic advancements.
Decapsulation of Multi-Tier Wire-Bonded Semiconductors
Decapsulation of packaged integrated circuits is routinely conducted in FA and reliability tests. In this work, we decapsulate a complex packaged semiconductor device with multi-tier palladium-coated copper bond wires.
Technical Paper
Glass Core substrates: the new race for advanced packaging giants
Intel, Samsung, and TSMC are racing to adopt glass core substrates in advanced packaging. This technology promises enhanced performance and efficiency for high-performance computing and AI applications, despite challenges in handling and inspection.
YOLE Group
Apple's push into AI could reinvigorate iPhone sales
Apple's developer conference focused on integrating AI technology into its software and boosting iPhone sales. The new AI features, requiring at least an iPhone 15 Pro, could spark significant upgrades, potentially reversing declining sales. Analysts have mixed opinions on its impact.
Taipei Times
India, US agree to step up cooperation on semiconductors, critical minerals
India and the US have launched a strategic partnership to co-develop semiconductor design and manufacturing for precision-guided ammunition. This agreement, led by national security advisers Ajit Doval and Jake Sullivan, enhances cooperation on supply chain and critical minerals.
Lokmat Times
Most GlobalWafers plants to resume shipments today after hacker attacks
GlobalWafers Co expects most of its factories to resume shipments after last week's hacker attacks. The company activated its cybersecurity mechanisms immediately, hired external experts & partially shut down operations to mitigate damage. Critical information was not accessed.
Taipei Times
Infineon plans NT$1.2bn R&D center
Infineon Technologies will establish a $37.05 million R&D center in Taiwan, supported by $15 million in government funding, to develop next-gen Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips for EVs. This initiative aims to boost Taiwan’s tech development and automotive electronics production.
Taipei Times
Samsung to study on-device AI with Seoul National University
Samsung Electronics partners with Seoul National University to develop AI technologies and nurture experts, focusing on on-device and multi-modal AI for Galaxy devices. This collaboration aims to enhance AI functions and secure top AI talent over the next three years.
The Korea Times
Samsung unveils its AI chip technology road map
Samsung unveiled advancements targeting AI chipmakers, aiming to catch up with TSMC in the foundry market. New technologies include backside power delivery and GAA for improved AI performance. Samsung predicts significant growth in AI-related revenue by 2028.
Taipei Times
Hong Kong Is Chiming in on China-US Tech Competition
Hong Kong is actively investing in third-gen semiconductors to align with China's tech goals & bypass U.S. export controls. The city recently approved a budget to establish a microelectronics R&D institute, highlighting its strategic importance in the China-U.S. tech competition.
The Diplomat
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