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QP Technologies™ Achieves ANSI/ESD S20.20 Certification
QP Technologies
Exploring the impact of Generative AI: identifying the winners
YOLE Group
IMAPS & IPC to Host Onshoring Workshop April 29 – May 1, 2024
SEMI Issues Statement on Change to U.S. CHIPS Act Notice of Funding Opportunity
Global Semiconductor Equipment Billings Slip to $106.3 Billion in 2023, SEMI Reports
Underfill Epoxy Offers High Glass Transition Temperature and Low Viscosity
Master Bond
30GHz Elastomer socket for BGA289
Ironwood Electronics
Mycronic receives order for an SLX mask writer
Mycronic AB
What Year Was It?
The day was Apr 17. What year was it?
Apollo 13 Returns to Earth
What Year
With the world anxiously watching, Apollo 13, a U.S. lunar spacecraft that suffered a severe malfunction on its journey to the moon, safely returns to Earth.
See the answer below.
What Year Was It Answer
Apollo 13 Returns to Earth
Answer: April 17, 1970
April 17, 2024
Apple Exploring The Use Of TSMC’s Small Outline Integrated Circuit Packaging For Future Chip Releases Due To Lowered Power Consumption, Other Perks
Apple and TSMC's partnership propels them to the forefront of chip innovation. Rumors suggest Apple's exploration of SoIC packaging, promising benefits like reduced power consumption and increased memory bandwidth. With mass production potentially by 2025-2026, Apple aims for groundbreaking advancements.
Five Benefits of Working with a Digital Electronic Components Distributor
The electronic components supply chain undergoes significant shifts as industry players adapt to post-pandemic challenges. Shortages and overreliance on JIT manufacturing prompt OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers to rethink strategies. Sourceability emerges as a solution, offering comprehensive data and global distribution to mitigate supply chain complexities.
Source Ability
Series B: Adhesion and Bondibility of Al2O3-coated Bonding Wire
Using Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), we applied a nanoscale Al2O3 ceramic coating to metal bonding wires, enhancing adhesion, insulation, and corrosion resistance, significantly improving wire reliability.
Technical Paper
Sustainability 101: Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Refurbish, Rework
Start with "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" is the mantra, but often forgotten is the first step: Refuse. Businesses shun it fearing profit loss. Yet, reframing refusal, such as rejecting unsustainable suppliers, aids circularity. Embracing refurbishment and IC harvesting further bolsters sustainability efforts.
Intel to launch low end AI chips in China to comply with US export rules
Intel is set to launch two AI chips, HL-382 and HL-388, in China, complying with US export controls. The chips, based on Gaudi 3, have reduced capabilities. Nvidia follows suit with three chips. US initiatives like the CHIPS Act aim to bolster domestic semiconductor production amidst a growing AI chip race, projected to drive the market to $909bn by 2030.
China’s semiconductor output jumps 40% in first quarter amid growing dominance in legacy chips
China's integrated circuit (IC) output skyrockets by 40%, hitting 98.1 billion units in Q1, driven by expansion in older chip production amid US trade restrictions. National output soars 28.4% in March alone, reaching a record high, signaling rapid growth in hi-tech manufacturing.
South China Morning Post
AMD rolls out its latest chips for AI PCs as competition with Nvidia and Intel heats up
AMD introduces groundbreaking Ryzen Pro 8040 and 8000 series processors, aimed at AI-powered PCs, to challenge Nvidia and Intel dominance. With advanced 4-nanometer technology, these chips promise enhanced performance for tasks like real-time translation. Expected to debut in Q2 2024, they'll compete in a growing market fueled by AI innovations.
Will MicroLEDs Revolutionize Our Screens?
MicroLED technology, heralded as a game-changer, promises unprecedented energy efficiency and vibrant displays. With forecasts predicting a $20 billion market by 2030, its impact on smartwatches, AR, and sustainability is profound, driving innovation and reshaping consumer electronics.
EE Times
Microsoft invests $1.5 billion in AI firm G42 which faces U.S. scrutiny for China ties
Microsoft, aiming to fortify its tech prowess, invests $1.5 billion in UAE-based AI firm G42, with President Brad Smith joining its board. The minority stake deal, backed by US-UAE governments, ensures secure AI development on Azure.
Samsung enters high-stakes chip race with TSMC, Intel on back of US subsidy
Samsung Electronics intensifies competition in the booming AI chip market, securing a $6.4 billion U.S. subsidy. Plans include a new semiconductor factory in Texas, reinforcing local production and challenging rivals TSMC and Intel. This move aims to solidify Samsung's foothold and meet rising demand for AI chips.
The Korea Times
Secure Movement Of Data In Test
In a shift from historical practices, test data is no longer confined to files but streamed across manufacturing floors for real-time decision-making amid heterogeneous integration. Eli Roth from Teradyne discusses challenges like data security, access, and speed in Semiconductor Engineering.
Semiconductor Engineering
Architecting Chips For High-Performance Computing
Revolutionizing high-performance computing, chip architects employ innovative strategies, optimizing design for enhanced speed and efficiency. Advanced materials and novel architectures pave the path towards next-gen processors, promising groundbreaking capabilities in computational power.
Semiconductor Engineering
U.S. Subsidy for TSMC Has AI Chips, Tech Leadership in Sight
U.S. subsidies propel Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) towards AI chip production, enhancing tech leadership. While the CHIPS Act boosts investment, workforce shortage remains a hurdle. TSMC's expansion in Phoenix highlights the need for skilled labor.
EE Times
SIA Applauds CHIPS Act Incentives for Samsung Manufacturing Projects in Texas
The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) lauds the CHIPS Act for incentivizing Samsung's manufacturing projects in Texas, bolstering domestic semiconductor production. This move aims to address global chip shortages and enhance America's technological competitiveness.
Semiconductor Industry Association
Apple iPhone first-quarter shipments sink as Chinese challengers rise; Samsung regains top spot
Apple's iPhone shipments dip as Chinese rivals surge in Q1, per IDC. Competitors like Xiaomi and Oppo gain ground, impacting Apple's market share. This shift underscores intensifying competition in the global smartphone market.
Powerchip reins in net losses by 79.2%
Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp reported a 79.2% reduction in net losses last quarter, reaching NT$439 million, attributed to increased factory utilization and reduced idle capacity costs. Despite a 3.06% revenue dip, gross margin improved by 12.3%.
Taipei Times
Apple to boost spending in Vietnam
Apple CEO Tim Cook announced increased spending on Vietnamese suppliers during his two-day visit to Vietnam, aiming to bolster the country's tech role amid US-China tensions. Cook's visit coincides with Apple's push to expand in Vietnam despite recent smartphone shipment declines.
Taipei Times
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What do you call the maximum time period that an adhesive can be exposed to ambient conditions with its chemical and physical properties remaining within satisfactory limits?
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