Industry Press
New Product Release: Plasma Etch MK-II ECO Etching System
Plasma Etch Inc
Indium Corporation Expert to Present at EPCON Asia
Indium Corporation
IMT Modernizes MEMS Foundry Services with Omega® Rapier™ Plasma Etch Solution
SPTS Technologies Ltd
EV Group Brings Maskless Lithography to High-volume Manufacturing with LITHOSCALE
EV Group
eBeam Initiative Surveys Report Upbeat Photomask Market Outlook
eBeam Initiative
Microlight3D partners with SPS Europe to sell ts Polos-╬╝Printer
In all surveillance applications, future is AI
Yole Développement
SEMICON Taiwan 2020 Hybrid Opens Tomorrow With Advanced, Smart and Green Manufacturing in Spotlight
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The First Supreme Court
What Year
The Judiciary Act is passed by Congress and signed by President George Washington, establishing the Supreme Court of the United States as a tribunal made up of six justices who were to serve on the court until death or retirement.
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September 25, 2020
First 4D Imaging Radar Sensors for ADAS to Ship in Vehicles in 2021
Continental announced it is using Xilinx FPGAs to deploy the automotive industry's first production-ready 4D imaging radar, expected to ship in passenger vehicles ...
EE Times
GlobalFoundries CEO says chip maker still planning IPO
GlobalFoundries CEO Tom Caulfield said Wednesday that the computer chip maker is still planning to take the Abu Dhabi-owned company public and that any plans for ...
Times Union
Package Converter Compliments Chip Obsolescence
The Semiconductor industry enabling today's electronics market place is widely disseminated between multiple customer factions: consumer electronics, telecommunications ...
Technical Paper
Taiwan 2020 semiconductor output to exceed NT$3 trillion
Taiwan's semiconductor industries generated NT$2.7 trillion (US$91 billion) in output in 2019, and the value in 2020 is expected to exceed NT$3.0 trillion, said premier ...
IC substrate makers not to gain much from Intel, AMD resuming shipments to Huawei
Both Intel and AMD reportedly have resumed shipments to Huawei after obtaining export permits from US authorities, but Taiwan's IC substrates do not expect their ...
Have Processor Counts Stalled?
Survey data suggests that additional microprocessor cores are not being added into SoCs, but you have to dig into the numbers to find out what is really going on. ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Emerging Memories May Never Go Beyond Niche Applications
It is time for a frank discussion about emerging memories. Many have now been percolating for decades with the promise of displacing established incumbents such ...
EE Times
Caught in China-U.S. trade war, Taiwan offers support to chipmakers
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen promised on Thursday to help the island's key semiconductor industry overcome difficulties and consolidate its leading position, offering ...
TSMC says US-China deleveraging could increase semiconductor costs
As the U.S. and China seek to shift their supply chains amid ongoing trade tensions, the effects on the semiconductor industry could lead to increased costs and ...
Taiwan News
How Huawei grew to dominate the world
From its earliest years, the telecommunications equipment industry has been considered strategic by the governments of highly industrialized countries. As such, national ...
Asia Times
TSMC Warns China-U.S. Deleveraging Will Drive Up Costs
The deleveraging of China-U.S. supply chains and protectionism on both sides of the Pacific will only drive up costs and limit the flow of ideas, the chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd said. The Trump administration has limited supplies to Chinese tech firms like Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, viewing them as a security threat, and is encouraging U.S. factories in China ...
Top-10 semiconductor suppliers continue to grow in 2Q20, says Omdia
Building on bullish growth in first-quarter 2020 in weak market conditions, the world's top-10 semiconductor suppliers managed to continue their revenue growth at a ...
TSMC to build 2nm wafer plant in Hsinchu
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) said it will build a sophisticated 2 nanometer wafer plant in Hsinchu. On the sidelines of a technology forum held at ...
Focus Taiwan
Taiwan tech alliance steps up AI chip development
A fingerprint identification chip for large-area in-display sensing applications co-developed by Taiwan-based Egis Technology, eMemory Technology and Innolux is ...
Industry Expert Q&A - The Key to Chip Security: Trust and Verify! But How?
Even though microchips continue to get smarter, vital security gaps continue to be exposed through such hack attacks as Meltdown, Spectre, and in recent weeks, Plundervolt. ...
IC Packaging Technologies Contribute to Smaller, Faster, Cheaper Electronic Systems with Longer Battery Life
During in-person and on-line meetings, I often discuss with friends the impressive progress our industry has made in the last 50 years following Moore's Law. In 1981, ...
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