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Mar 1, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Abdul Lateef, CEO, Plasma-Therm
Although the semiconductor industry struggled in 2022, Plasma-Therm grew our sales and customer base. Our exceptional customer service directly correlates to our success, supporting all our equipment, regardless of ship date. Combine this with our newly redesigned Heatpulse rapid thermal processing (RTP) platform ...

Feb 28, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Greg DeLarge, President, Plasma Etch, Inc.
2022 was an exciting year for Plasma Etch as we continued to transition out of Covid and back into business as usual; 2023 looks to be even better. We continue to see strong growth in vacuum and atmospheric system sales. Our medical customers were instrumental in keeping communities safe during the Covid pandemic. ...

Feb 27, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Akihiko Hamada, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL
2022 was yet another year full of changes and challenges. The ongoing issues arising from COVID-19, the escalation of the Ukrainian/Russian conflict and the unstable global economy have led to more large-scale change. As with many other companies within the semiconductor industry, Nidec SV TCL needed to adapt ...

Feb 24, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Chris Henderson, President, Semitracks, Inc.
Training programs throughout the semiconductor and electronics industries were severely disrupted by the Covid pandemic. Many companies are just now beginning to grapple with how to provide training in this new environment. It appears, based on our customer's actions, that a significant part of training ...

Feb 23, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Tony Revier, Sr. Strategic Adviser, Uyemura USA
Expanding our extensive line of specialized final finish products, specifically ENIG, ENEPIG, EPAG, RGA Immersion Ag, and IGEPIG* was our mission for 2022, and we were successful in that endeavor. We also had activity in other business segments, including a growing IC substrate industry, which we anticipate will ...

Feb 22, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Ramachandran "Ram" K. Trichur, Global Market Segment Head, Henkel
We started 2022 on the heels of what I call a 'magical year' in the semiconductor packaging market, with unprecedented demand from all sectors — consumer electronics, 5G, and automotive — converging in 2021. It was a record-setting performance for the industry that will be hard to reproduce. Because of this ...

Feb 21, 2023
VIEWPOIT 2023: Sze Pei Lim, Senior Global Product Manager, Semiconductor and Advanced Materials, Indium Corporation
While supply chain issues and inventories are correcting themselves, the consumer market has slowed internationally, which started in the fall of 2022 due to global recession and inflation concerns. The surge in demand we saw during COVID-19 for laptops, notebooks, and mobile phones has stabilized and slowed ...

Feb 20, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Neil O'Brien, General Manager, Finetech
2022 was an eventful year for Finetech. Our colleagues in Germany with Ukrainian and Russian roots, had to deal with the sad reality of the Ukraine invasion. I am proud to share that Finetech GmbH reacted swiftly and donated 50,000 EUR to an emergency Ukraine aid fund. Finetech celebrated its 30th anniversary ...

Feb 17, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Tom Solon, P.E., Director of Sales and Marketing, RH Murphy Company
We are very optimistic about 2023 at RH Murphy Company after a very good 2022. We have now completed 40 years supplying JEDEC trays and carriers and are still seeing new applications as semiconductor technology and manufacturing automation is adopted for breakthrough products like augmented and virtual reality ...

Feb 16, 2023
VIEWPONT 2023: Sally-Ann Henry, Business Development, ACM Research
Advanced wafer-level packaging (WLP) provides a method to combine and interconnect components before traditional electronic packaging. It allows multiple devices to be merged and packaged on the wafer before dicing, creating a single electronic device in the fab. According to Allied Market Research ...

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