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Feb 28, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Glyn Davies, President, Materials and Structural Analysis Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific
We're excited about the future of semiconductors. Looking back over the last two years, the importance of semiconductors in commercial and consumer applications can't be understated. Integrated Circuits kept people working, learning and connected, and they played a key role in unlocking the virus' ...

Feb 22, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Karl-Heinz Strass, Managing Director, cyberTECHNOLOGIES USA
cyberTECHNOLOGIES develops and manufactures high performance optical metrology systems for physical measurements in the semiconductor, semi-packaging, medical device and related industries. The developments over the past two years had a great deal of impact on most companies worldwide. Along with many ...

Feb 21, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Ben Clarke, President, The TorrLube Company
The Semiconductor Industry went through another year of growth in 2021. Demand remained high for our customers products and therefore TorrLube products. Even with some of our employees working from home, we had no issues responding to the growing needs of our customers. Despite the challenges of 2021 ...

Feb 17, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Zeke Pietsch, Customer Success Manager, Elektro-Automatik
With the accelerated efforts to design and manufacture new and more advanced electric vehicles (EVs) with higher efficiency and greater distance between charges, the EV industry requires more efficient, higher power, and higher voltage semiconductors. We expect this trend to continue in 2022, as semiconductor ...

Feb 16, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Ross Berntson, President & COO, Indium Corporation
We planned and prepared for a major downturn but only experienced relatively minor issues. We have fully recovered from most issues and are performing quite well at this time. Our approach to working from home is all about trying to find the right balance. Some people work from home as their functions allow, but we still ...

Feb 15, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Rezwan Lateef, President, YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)
The coming generations of mobile & edge computing, cloud computing, and distributed high-performance computing will require heterogenous chip integration. To stay ahead of the technology curve, we at YES work in close partnership with our installed base of semiconductor industry leaders, ensuring ...

Feb 14, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Brandon Miller, Sales Account Manager, YXLON
As proven in the past two years, adapting to a new way of doing business is now the norm; and the norm is now everchanging. Developing relationships and networking have become ever more important in our new and different reality. New skills have been learned and adopted for communicating in-person ...

Feb 11, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Raymond W. Grimm, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL
From pandemic worries to supply chain issues, 2021 was a year filled with many unknowns and a few surprises, both good and bad. Last year was challenging, and as with many other semiconductor equipment suppliers, our company faced its own share of obstacles. However, due to the explosive growth ...

Feb 10, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Asif Chowdhury, Senior Vice President, UTAC Group
2021 had been an interesting year for semiconductor. Never in the history of semiconductor industry has anyone witnessed this disruptive level of supply chain constraints and for so long. While semiconductor manufacturing contributes to only 0.5% of global GDP, they play an essential role in most ...

Feb 9, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Bob LePage, Marketing Manager, Circuit Technology Center
Thanks to our dedicated team of highly skilled Repair and Rework professionals, 2021 was another year of solid growth for Circuit Technology Center, despite the challenges presented by the ongoing global pandemic. We are pleased to report that we have continued to invest in equipment, human capital, our facility ...

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