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Feb 26, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: Neil O'Brien, General Manager and COO, Finetech
As we enter 2020, there are many emerging technologies that when combined, should continue to fuel growth in the advanced packaging world. As a supplier of die bonding solutions to academia, R&D, defense, and commercial production, Finetech has a unique view of the most exciting technologies coming to market. Some ...

Feb 25, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: Don Gudeczauskas, Vice President, Uyemura USA
In the semiconductor industry, smaller form factors, faster response times, and harsh environment adaptability continue to push the industry into new developments. As a specialty chemical provider, we clearly see the need to form circuits with excellent copper thickness uniformity, produce smoother copper to reduce signal loss ...

Feb 24, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: Zach Dismukes, X-ray Now, distributor for Bowman XRF
PCBs, wafers, and semiconductors all have "final finishes" that are central to their functionality. XRF is the standard technique for determining what does -- and doesn't -- meet specifications. Plating thickness measurement is the most common function XRF function, but advanced XRF systems like the 7-member Bowman benchtop ...

Feb 21, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: Santosh Kumar, Principal Analyst and Director Packaging, Assembly & Substrates and Cédric Malaquin, Technology & Market Analyst, Yole Développement
Multiple breakthrough technologies have shaken up the RF industry in 2019. Just to name a few in the consumer market, we have seen the introduction of 5G in mobile devices, the resurrection of Ultra-Wide Band technology through the Apple iPhone 11 and the impressive Soli's ...

Feb 20, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: Christopher Morath, Chief Operating Officer, Heller Industries, Inc.
Heller is currently seeing a rebound from a first half of 2019 downturn which we saw accompanied by a shift in business from China to other regions such as SE Asia and Eastern Europe as a result of the US/China trade war. For 2020 through 2022 we foresee significant growth driven by megatrends such as 5G networks ...

Feb 19, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: Michael Chalsen, Sr. VP Assembly Solutions Global Technologies, Mycronic
MRSI Systems, part of Mycronic's Assembly Solutions Global Technologies division, enters 2020 with the completion of the MRSI-H/HVM-series product line which complements our traditional market-leading MRSI-705 and MRSI-M3 products for R&D/medium volume production. The MRSI-H/HVM-series product line is targeted ...

Feb 18, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: Glenn Farris, Vice President, Marketing, Universal Instruments
After a difficult year in 2019, the semiconductor and equipment industries are experiencing a strong upturn, with advanced packaging technologies a significant beneficiary of the markets strength. 5G, AI, Edge Computing, Persistent Memory, Integrated Power Management are all driving the need for innovative ...

Feb 17, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: John Park, Product Management Group Director, Cadence
As more semiconductor companies look for alternatives to Moore’s Law scaling and begin to fully realize the benefits of modern-day multi-chip(let) packaging (including stacking), expect to see a dramatic reduction in single monolithic SoC design starts. Instead, expect 2020 to launch the age of "More Than Moore", namely ...

Feb 14, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: Rob Kavanagh, Global Business Director of Advanced Packaging Technologies, DuPont Electronics & Imaging
While much of the semiconductor industry experienced a downturn in 2019, largely due to corrections and price adjustments in the memory market, the advanced packaging sector remained an industry bright spot. The broadening adoption of advanced packaging across more devices helped to moderate the slowdown ...

Feb 13, 2020
VIEWPOINT 2020: William Crockett Jr., VP Bonding Wire Sales The America's, Tanaka
Tanaka was founded in 1885 as a Precious Metals company. Tanaka has pursued new innovations and value in following fields; automotive, semiconductors, medical, optics, new energy and recycling. After Tanaka's acquisition of Metalor in 2016, we are now aligned to be a leader in providing Total Solutions for the Global Economy. ...

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