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Jan 22, 2021
SEGGER's J-Link OB plays crucial role in new BBC 'HiFive Inventor' educational kit
SEGGER's J-Link on-board debug probes can be found on hundreds of different evaluation boards and single-board computers around the globe. But few are as prominent as the BBC Doctor ...

Jan 21, 2021
Palomar Offers Three-Part Webinar Series: The Journey to Full-Scale Semiconductor Packaging
Palomar Technologies announced a series of three webinars designed to present and discuss the challenges of manufacturing and process development for semiconductor ...
Palomar Technologies, Inc.

Jan 21, 2021
CEA-Leti Reports Machine-Learning Breakthrough that Opens Way to Edge Learning
CEA-Leti scientists have demonstrated a machine-learning technique exploiting what have been previously considered as "non-ideal" traits of resistive-RAM (RRAM) devices ...

Jan 21, 2021
Diamond Filled Underfill: SMT 158D8
YINCAE is excited to announce that we have developed SMT 158D8 a high thermal conductive underfill that is capillary and fast flowing, and an easy reworkable liquid epoxy. SMT 158D8 ...
YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC

Jan 20, 2021
EV Group Establishes State-of-the-Art Customer Training Facility at Corporate Headquarters
EV Group (EVG) announced that it has established the EVG Academy, a training facility for customers that provides technical training on all classes of EVG equipment as well as on EVG's ...
EV Group

Jan 20, 2021
High Performance Socket for 0.15mm Pitch QFN
Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new high performance QFN socket for 0.15mm pitch devices. The SS-QFN184A-01 socket, designed for a 9.2mmx6mm package size ...
Ironwood Electronics

Jan 20, 2021
EpoxiCast M21, Electronic Assembly adhesive
epoxySet is showcasing the EPOXICAST™ M21, Low viscosity adhesive for advanced electronic assembly applications. It is designed for use as a filling epoxy in dam-and-fill encapsulations ...
EpoxySet Inc.

Jan 19, 2021
Will future soldiers be made of Semiconductor?
"The global market for infantry equipment related to semiconductor technology will evolve from US$9.1 billion in 2020 to US$17.5 billion in 2030." asserts Alexis Debray, Technology ...
Yole Développement

Jan 19, 2021
Sondrel reduces lead times in SOC development via an early assignment of bumps in BGA packages
Because Sondrel offers a full turnkey service of ASIC production from design through to shipping silicon, it knows what is happening with services at every stage of the manufacturing ...

Jan 19, 2021
SEGGER's complete J-Link software now available for Linux on ARM
This includes both the command-line programs and GUI tools such as J-Flash, J-Flash SPI, J-Scope, the J-Link Configurator and the GUI version of the GDB Server. ...

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