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SEMICON West 2024 to Spotlight U.S. Chip Industry Investments, Supply Chain Resilience, Talent, and Global Growth and Innovation
Key Measures of Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry Strength Improve in Q1 2024
ZESTRON Announces Upcoming Webinar on Optimizing HBM Wafer Surface Treatment
Honda and IBM sign Memorandum of Understanding
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
KROHNE Highlights OPTITEMP TT 53 with NFC and Bluetooth®
Two Part, Silver Filled Silicone Adhesive Meets NASA Low Outgassing Specifications
Master Bond
New SEMI University Online Certification Programs to Fast-Track Semiconductor Skills
STMicroelectronics reveals monolithic automotive synchronous buck converters
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The day was May 17. What year was it?
First Kentucky Derby
What Year
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First Kentucky Derby
Answer: May 17, 1875
May 17, 2024
Firms Expect AI Devices to Bring 'Explosive Growth'
Quanta Computer Inc expects AI devices to drive explosive growth in Taiwan's electronics industry, with AI PCs and servers gaining traction. This surge will benefit chipmakers, component suppliers, and hardware assemblers, enhancing profitability and market penetration.
Taipei Times
U.S.-Japan semiconductor alliance of the future
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's April visit to Washington heralded a new era in U.S.-Japan tech cooperation. The IBM-Rapidus partnership, focusing on advanced semiconductor technology, exemplifies this collaboration. Both nations aim to unify public and private sectors.
The Japan Times
Decapsulation of Multi-Tier Wire-Bonded Semiconductors
Decapsulation of packaged integrated circuits is routinely conducted in FA and reliability tests. In this work, we decapsulate a complex packaged semiconductor device with multi-tier palladium-coated copper bond wires.
Technical Paper
No damage to Arizona plant: TSMC
A waste disposal truck driver died after an explosion at TSMC's Arizona construction site, prompting an investigation by local authorities. TSMC reported no damage to its facilities or injuries to its employees. The company emphasized worker safety and expects a thorough investigation.
Taipei Times
How To Successfully Deploy GenAI On Edge Devices
Unlocking the potential of edge devices, deploying GenAI is now simplified with practical strategies. From optimizing models to managing power constraints, this comprehensive guide empowers seamless integration for enhanced efficiency and performance in edge computing.
Semiconductor Engineering
Will Domain-Specific ICs Become Ubiquitous?
Domain-specific integrated circuits (ICs) are poised for widespread adoption, driven by their ability to tailor hardware to specific applications. This trend signals a shift towards optimized performance and efficiency in diverse industries, from AI to automotive.
Semiconductor Engineering
Sustainability 101: Rethinking Sustainable Materials
Material selection in product manufacturing, traditionally focused on performance and cost, now emphasizes environmental impact. Sustainable materials, particularly in semiconductor packaging, require careful consideration of production impacts, energy use, and recyclability.
How Quickly Can You Take Your Idea To Chip Design?
Speeding from concept to chip design is crucial in tech. With innovative tools like AI-driven design platforms and rapid prototyping techniques, companies aim to slash development cycles, ensuring competitive edge in the fast-paced semiconductor industry.
Semiconductor Engineering
Enabling Multiscale Simulation
Researchers develop a breakthrough multiscale simulation framework, bridging the gap between electronic device design and system-level performance, empowering engineers to optimize complex systems for efficiency and reliability in diverse applications.
Semiconductor Engineering
IDC: India PC Market Grew 2.6% YoY in 1Q2024 with 3.07 Million Units Shipped
India’s traditional PC market shipped 3.07 million units in 1Q2024, a 2.6% increase year-over-year. Desktop and workstation shipments rose by 10.1% and 2.7%, respectively, while notebook shipments fell by 1.7%. HP Inc. led with a 30.1% market share.
Key Measures of Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Strength Improve in Q1 2024
Global semiconductor manufacturing strength saw improvements in Q1 2024, with key indicators such as equipment billings and fab utilization rates showing positive trends, according to SEMI reports. These developments signal a promising trajectory for the industry.
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List these important medical discoveries in chronological order: Penicillin, Insulin, Rabies Vaccination
Answer: Rabies Vaccination (1885), Insulin (1921), Penicillin (1928)