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Oct 15, 2019
Forget Moore's Law - Chipmakers Worried About Heat & Power
Power consumption and heat generation: these hurdles impede progress toward faster, cheaper chips, and are worrying semiconductor industry veterans far more than the slowing of Moore's Law. That was the takeaway from several discussions about current and future chip technologies held in Silicon Valley. John Hennessy--president emeritus of Stanford University, Google chairman, and MIPS Computer ...
IEEE Spectrum
Global semiconductor market revenue forecast to rebound to 5.9% growth in 2020
The semiconductor industry is undergoing a brutal downturn in 2019 - a drop so powerful that it can only be ended by an even more formidable force: the massive ...
CMOS Image Sensor Packaging Technology for Automotive Applications
In this paper, we present novel methods for packaging image sensors on laminate substrates, enabling a reduction in cost, form factor and time-to-market whilst ...
Technical Paper
European Project Builds 3DIC Exascale Compute Node
The European ExaNoDe project has built what it claims is a groundbreaking compute node prototype paving the way to exascale. It combines a 3DIC with multi-chip ...
EE Times
A Comparison of Bulk and Insitu Ag Epoxy Die Attach Thermal Performance
PADKs Bring Value to Semiconductor Designs
Vertical Laser Assisted Bonding for Advanced 3.5D Chip Packaging
Collaborative Manufacturing in Photonics Packaging
MLE™ Maskless Exposure Technology
Delivering automotive quality IC packaging technology
Die Strength Characterization
Highlights from EDPS 2019
The Electronic Design Process Symposium, EDPS 2919, is known in the IC design community as a rather small (50 – 100 participants), but a highly interactive workshop ...
3D InCites
Samsung & TSMC Develop 8nm & 7nm Automotive-Grade Nodes
As vehicles are getting 'smarter' and gaining autopilot capabilities, it is easy to predict that the demand for higher-performing and more complex automotive SoCs ...
Anand Tech
Pushing Memory Harder
In an optimized system, no component is waiting for another component while there is useful work to be done. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the processor ...
Semiconductor Engineering
140-year-old secret in the Hall effect discovered
Over the course of decades, researchers have experimented on semiconductor materials and semiconductor devices to fully understand their physical characteristics. ...
EE Times
Taiwan revving up to introduce AI talent from India
Taiwan is gearing up to introduce AI talent from India to address shortages of high-end R&D engineers in the IT industry, as part of its efforts to deepen partnerships ...
How 5G is Enabling a Connected World
It's official. The world is becoming more data-driven by the second and everything -- I mean EVERYTHING -- hinges on the success of 5G. 5G will make smart factories ...
3D InCites
Shaping nanoparticles for improved quantum information technology
Particles that are mere nanometers in size are at the forefront of scientific research today. They come in many different shapes: rods, spheres, cubes, vesicles, ...
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2019 Edition of the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap
IEEE announced the 2019 release of the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR), a roadmap to the future of electronics identifying technology requirements ...
TechSearch International
APPLAUSE focuses on developing advanced packaging for photonics, optics and electronics
A consortium of 31 European electronics packaging, optics and photonics key players, leading equipment suppliers and testing experts launched a new project, "Advanced ...
PROPHESEE Joins IRT Nanoelec 3D Integration Program
PROPHESEE joins the IRT Nanoelec consortium to help broaden the field of potential applications for 3D hybrid wafer-to-wafer bonding with fine interconnect pitches. ...
IRT-Nanoelec Research Technological Institute (IRT)
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What instrument is used for measuring the distance between two points on opposite sides of an object?
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