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Dec 11, 2018
Chinese Court Slaps Injunction on iPhone Sales
Qualcomm said that it won two injunctions from a Chinese Court barring Apple from selling several models of iPhone that were found to violate two patents held by ...
EE Times
Google+ shutdown speeds up, new privacy bug affected 52.5 million users
Alphabet Inc's Google said it would shut down its Google+ social media service in April, four months ahead of schedule, after finding a software flaw for the second ...
IC Socket Footprint -- Why is it important?
An IC socket can be defined as an electromechanical device, which provides a removableinterface between the IC package and the system circuit board with minimal effect ...
Technical Paper
4 Issues In Test
When most design engineers think about test, they envision a large piece of equipment in the fab they probably will never actually see or interact with. But as chips ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Achieving Low Voiding for Power Devices
Socket Cleaning on Handlers without Auto-Clean Functions
Active Optical Cable Transceiver Packaging Trends
Optimizing Pre-treatment for Electroless Deposition on Small Pads for UBM Formation
Multichip Integrated Copper Clip Package Technology
IC Socket Footprint -- Why is it important?
Surface Mount Guidelines for Amkor's DRMLF®
China court bans sales of older iPhone models in Apple-Qualcomm global battle
A Chinese court has ordered a sales ban of some older Apple Inc iPhone models in China for violating two patents of chipmaker Qualcomm Inc, though intellectual ...
Packaging Biz Faces Challenges In 2019
The IC packaging industry is bracing for slower growth, if not uncertainty, in 2019, even though advanced packaging remains a bright spot in the market. Generally, IC ...
Semiconductor Engineering
The Growing Promise Of Printed Electronics
Printing electronics using conductive ink rather than lithography is starting to move out of the research phase, with chipmakers now looking at how to commercialize ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Where Advanced Packaging Makes Sense
Semiconductor Engineering sat down with Chenglin Liu, director of package engineering at Marvell; John Hunt, senior director of engineering at ASE; Eric Tosaya, senior ...
Semiconductor Engineering
TSMC and UMC revenues down in November, VIS up
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics (UMC) have reported sequential decreases in November consolidated revenues of 3.1% ...
Dirty Data: Is The Sensor Malfunctioning?
Sensors provide an amazing connection to the physical world, but extracting usable data isn't so simple. In fact, many first-time IoT designers are unprepared for how ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Semiconductor Moonshot Project in full swing to sharpen AI edge
The government in Taiwan, quite concerned about the future development of small- and medium-sized IC design houses in the country, is seeking to leverage academic ...
Arm Releases IoT Predictions for 2019
The end of the year brings predictions galore, and Arm has jumped on this bandwagon with its view on what it thinks will happen in the internet of things (IoT) in ...
EE Times
Tech Weapons, Walls, and Shared Wells
The next big war has already started, with nations using technology and global corporations as both weapons and targets. We can do better. The iPhone used to be ...
EE Times
Dec 11, 2018: Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing - San Jose, CA
Dec 11, 2018: Japan Standards Winter 2018 Meetings
Dec 12, 2018: SEMICON Japan
Jan 6, 2019: Industry Strategy Symposium--ISS 2019
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
The transistor was invented by engineers at Bell Labs. What year was it invented?
See answer below.
Biometrics for consumer: from convenience to security to feature
Over the last five years, the promising and highly dynamic consumer biometric sensor market has been totally reshaped, announces Yole in its latest technology & market ...
Yole Développement
SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium Leads Microelectronics Into New Era
SEMI announced that the Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) 2019 will take place January 6-9 at Half Moon Bay's Ritz-Carlton Hotel with the theme "Golden Age of the ...
Carl Zeiss Meditec continues on growth course in fiscal year 2017/18
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG increased its revenue further in all strategic business units and regions after twelve months of fiscal year 2017/18. Revenue increased by 7.6% ...
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
The transistor was invented by engineers at Bell Labs. What year was it invented?
Answer: 1947 by John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain at Bell Labs and in 1956, they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics "for their researches on semiconductors and their discovery of the transistor effect".