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Top Story August 23, 2016
What Transistors Will Look Like At 5nm
Chipmakers are currently ramping up 16nm/14nm finFET processes, with 10nm and 7nm just around the corner. The industry also is working on 5nm. TSMC hopes to deliver a 5nm process by 2020. GlobalFoundries, Intel and Samsung are doing R&D for that node. But 5nm technology presents a multitude of unknowns and challenges. For one thing, the ...
Semiconductor Engineering

Industry News
ARM Reaches for Supercomputers
ARM has developed vector instructions to propel its 64-bit V8 architecture into high-performance computing. Fujitsu helped develop the extensions for use in a ...
EE Times
Chipmaker Intersil Is Reportedly in Talks to be Bought for About $3 Billion
Japan's Renesas Electronics is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire U.S. chipmaker Intersil for as much as $2.99 billion, an industry source familiar ...
Optimization Challenges For 10nm And 7nm
Optimization used to be a simple timing against area tradeoff but not anymore. As we go to each new node, the tradeoffs become more complicated involving additional ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Apple Reportedly Sought To Cut Prices For iPhone 7 Components
As the launch of its iPhone 7 smartphones is drawing near, Apple is revealed today to have attempted to make deals with its Taiwanese suppliers, asking the ...
International Business Times
'Artificial atom' created in graphene
In a tiny quantum prison, electrons behave quite differently as compared to their counterparts in free space. They can only occupy discrete energy levels, much like ...
Meet ARM's new weapon in the race to build the world's fastest computers
ARM conquered the mobile market starting with Apple's iPhone, and now wants to be in the world's fastest computers. A new ARM chip design being announced is targeted ...

Deeper Inside Intel
Mark Bohr, senior fellow and director of process architecture and integration at Intel, and Zane Ball, vice president in the Technology and Manufacturing Group ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Single-Chip Security for IoT Devices Connected to Amazon Cloud
The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to change the world, but only if it's secure. Securing the IoT is currently one of the greatest challenges for the ...
EE Times
Renesas in talks for chip maker Intersil for $3 billion
Japanese chip maker Renesas Electronics Corp. said it is in talks to buy U.S.-based chip maker Intersil Corp., a move that could strengthen the Japanese company's ...
Market Watch
S. Korean chip companies to send market exploitation teams to India
South Korean semiconductor companies will send market exploitation teams to India to expand their businesses in the world's second-most ...
Yonhap News
​Tsinghua Unigroup eyes Korean chip firm acquisitions: Report
China's Tsinghua Unigroup, which has been active in overseas semiconductor investment, is eyeing small and mid-sized South Korean chip firms with specialty ...
Government ramps up support for electronics sector
The government is ramping up support for local companies as the Philippines embarks to become a key player in the global semiconductor and electronics industry ...
The Philippine Star

Press Releases
Indium Corporation Features InFORMS® Reinforced Solder Preforms at IMAPS 2016
Indium Corporation will feature its reinforced indium and solder alloy fabrications, InFORMS°, at IMAPS 49th International Symposium on Microelectronics ...
Indium Corporation
Applied Materials' Q3 Earnings Call - Separating The Hype From Reality
As many of my followers know, I have been analyzing the semiconductor equipment market for 31 years and have written extensively in Seeking Alpha on the subject ...
The Information Network
Ruwel and tw-elektric Horst Müller GmbH jump ahead of the Direct Imaging game
Ucamco and ASS Luippold are pleased to announce that Ruwel Ucamco and ASS Luippold are pleased to announce that Ruwel Ucamco and ASS Luippold are pleased to announce ...
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