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Top Story June 24, 2016
Road to 5nm
There is strong likelihood that enough companies will move to 7nm to warrant the investment. How many will move forward to 5nm is far less certain. Part of the reason for this uncertainty is big-company consolidation. There are simply fewer customers left who can afford to build chips at the most advanced nodes. Intel bought Altera. Avago bought ...
Semiconductor Engineering

Industry News
Fab Tool Book-to-Bill Remains Above Parity
The three-month average ratio of bookings to billings for North American semiconductor equipment vendors remained above parity for the fifth consecutive month ...
EE Times
Pattern Matching In Test And Yield Analysis
It's no secret that a successful yield ramp directly impacts integrated circuit (IC) product cost and time-to-market. Tools and techniques that help companies ramp ...
Semiconductor Engineering
IMEC Partner Technical Week Review
In March 2016, Coventor was invited to the biannual Partner Technical Week (PTW) at IMEC in Leuven, Belgium. IMEC, a world-leading research group in nanotechnology ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Next Device Challenge: Contact Resistance
In chip scaling, there is no shortage of challenges. Scaling the finFET transistor and the interconnects are the biggest challenges for current and future ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Waiting For 5G Technology
For some time, carriers, equipment OEMs and chipmakers have been gearing up for the next-generation wireless standard called 5th generation mobile networks ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Taiwan chip designers to lobby for ability to work with China
Taiwan's semiconductor companies need the option of merging with Chinese companies in order to stay competitive amid a global wave of sector consolidation ...
The Business Times

Thinking Beyond Stop-Start
Hybrid vehicles are old hat, and nearly always relegated to a niche market - currently about 3 percent of U.S. car sales. Electric vehicles are sexy, but it'll ...
EE Times
Atmel Employees Sue, Protest Microchip
Microchip executives have quelled most of the dissent from its acquisitions of Atmel and Micrel. However, small pockets of discontent remain on three continents. ...
EE Times
Researchers Claim First 1,000-core Processor
A team of engineering students from the University of California-Davis has designed a 1,000-core processor with 621 million transistors and an ultimate ...
EE Times
Reinventing Paper for Electronics and 3D Technology
Organic paper, particularly cellulose-based paper, efficiently served in previous eras as an engineering material. In the Tang dynasty, soldier armors were mainly ...
3D InCites
Samsung Develops New FoWLP Technology to Compete TSMC Chip Orders
Samsung has developed a new technology called fan-out wafer level packaging platform (FoWLP) that will be valuable for future mobile chipsets and will compete ...

Press Releases
SEMICON WEST 2016 is 2 Weeks Away! Visit YINCAE Booth 6448
The SEMICON West 2016, North America's premier Microelectronics event is less than two weeks away! SEMICON West 2016 will be held at the Moscone Center in ...
YINCAE Advanced Materials, LLC
Ucamco Releases UcamX v2016.06
Ucamco are delighted to announce the v2016.06 maintenance release of its UcamX product, the most comprehensive CAM software package for the rigid, flex ...
Heliatek deploys with Kandil Steel its first large BIOPV project on African continent
Heliatek has implemented, with its partner Kandil Steel, its first Building integrated Organic Photovoltaic (BIOPV) pilot project in Africa. HeliaFilm® ...
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