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Top Story December 6, 2016
SEMI Reports Third Quarter 2016 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Figures; Billings $11.0 Billion
SEMI, the global industry association representing more than 2,000 companies in the electronics manufacturing supply chain, today reported that worldwide ...

Industry News
Can FPGA Fabric and an SoC Co-Exist on the Same Chip?
Now that three vendors are chasing the embedded FPGA market, potential customers will have a wider choice, which has to be a good thing. I just read that QuickLogic ...
EE Times
China appeals to U.S. to stop disrupting acquisitions
China urged Washington on Monday to stop disrupting its foreign corporate acquisitions after President Barack Obama blocked the purchase of a German maker of ...
The Mercury News
Car Becomes A Living Platform
Future generations of vehicles will age like any other electronic or mechanical devices, but they also will need to adapt, grow, and change in unexpected ways ...
Semiconductor Engineering
IoT Security Risks Grow
Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss security issues with Asaf Shen, vice president of marketing for security IP in ARM's Systems & Software Group; ...
Semiconductor Engineering
IBM Scans 10nm Temperature
IBM will demonstrate heat-maps of nanoscale devices at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2016 using a new method made more accurate for the nanoscale ...
EE Times
Digital Clothes: Not Putting You On
That cool Apple iShirt and the matching Levi e-Jeans won't go on sale for several years. But the field of printed electronics needed to produce them will make ...
EE Times

Microsoft speeding up its quantum computing efforts
For most users, computer speeds are more than adequate to meet everyday computing needs. However, for a relatively small, but critical, selection of power users, ...
Daily Trust
GlobalWafers No. 3 in the world
GlobalWafers Co has vaulted itself into the position of third-largest silicon wafer supplier in the world after it completed a deal to acquire NASDAQ-listed ...
Taipei Times
Obama Blocks China's Acquisition of Aixtron
U.S. President Barack Obama's move to block the sale of a German semiconductor equipment supplier to a Chinese government-backed investment firm is likely ...
EE Times
Apple shows ambition to get into self-driving car race
Apple Inc is wading in to the debate over regulation of self-driving cars, declaring it is excited about the potential for automated transportation and calling ...
SMIC Establishes Specialty Foundry JV
Chinese chip foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (Shanghai) announced it has formed a joint venture with the city of Ningbo to address specialty ...
EE Times
Is Mobileye-Intel New 'Wintel' of Auto?
What looks like a growing relationship between Mobileye and Intel in the highly automated vehicle platforms can be alarming to those who compete in, or follow, ...
EE Times
No, The Sky Is Not Falling
It's comforting to know that the sky is not falling yet. Early this morning, I became alarmed when I saw a headline scrolling across my TV screen saying ...
EE Times
Siltronic Said to Attract Takeover Interest From China Group
China's National Silicon Industry Group, a state-backed semiconductor investment fund, is interested in acquiring a majority stake in German silicon-wafer maker ...
Aixtron will have to cut costs, jobs if U.S. blocks China deal
Aixtron will have to take action to balance income and costs, including potential job cuts, if U.S. President Barack Obama blocks its takeover by China's Fujian ...
Intel to push SSD products for 4 major markets in 2017
Seeing demand for NAND flash storage rising and memory makers accelerating their development of 3D NAND flash products, Intel is planning to begin mass producing ...
The Week In Review: Manufacturing
There are more changes at SEMI. SEMI has named David Anderson as president of the SEMI Americas region. Most recently, Anderson was chief executive and chairman ...
Semiconductor Engineering
TSMC lands new 28nm chip orders for UFS controllers
Pure-play foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has obtained 28nm chip orders for UFS memory devices from SK Hynix, Silicon Motion Technology ...
Harder Than It Looks
First Apple scales back plans to develop its own vehicle. Then Intel creates its own automotive chip unit. This kind of two-step movement in the automotive ...
Semiconductor Engineering

Press Releases
Latest Condor Sigma software release enables automatic grading
XYZTEC has incorporated in its latest Condor Sigma software release. Customers are recommended to upgrade, so they can benefit from all the new free features. The ...
Fan-out: the most dynamic IP landscape in advanced packaging
In the fast-growing Fan-Out market showing 80% increase between 2015 and 2017, it is today essential to deeply understand the patent strategies of the key players. ...
Yole Développement
EB-109M series of flexible sealing, laminating and encapsulation epoxies
EpoxySet offers the EB-109M series of flexible epoxies designed for sealing, laminating and encapsulating optical, electronic, aerospace and semiconductor ...
ChipMOS and Tsinghua Unigroup Agree to Form Joint-Venture
ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES INC. and Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd. announced an agreement to form a joint-venture and to mutually terminate Tsinghua Unigroup's earlier ...
ChipMOS Technologies
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