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Aug 20, 2018
Foxconn Plans Semiconductor Operations in China
Foxconn Technology Group plans to establish semiconductor-related operations in Zhuhai under a pact it signed with the southern Chinese coastal city's government. The Taipei-based company, known formally as Hon Hai Precision Industry, will develop semiconductor design services, and semiconductor equipment and chip design in the city, according to the Zhuhai government's website. This strategic ...
South China Morning Post
Quantum Bill Can Drive U.S. Ahead
Quantum computing is our modern-day space race, and it will require the same level of focus, collaboration and public-private partnership as in the 1960s. Quantum computing ...
EE Times
EMI Protection at the Package Level
Miniaturization and SiP advances are driving a need for more effective EMI shielding at the package level. Two new approaches from Henkel are providing unique ...
Technical Paper
A Twist in Graphene Could Make for Tunable Electronic Devices
Engineering a band gap into graphene has become almost a rite of passage for research groups who work with the material. While many have accomplished this feat ...
IEEE Spectrum
Lasers for High-speed Sample Preparation
Developing a Theta jc Standard for Electronic Packages
Is Fully Automatic Bond Testing Possible?
New Technique to Create sub 2.0 µm Interconnects on Panel Format
Package Thermal Challenges Due to Changing Mobile System Form Factors
Metal-Oxide (MOX) Gas Sensor Testing
The Science of Bond Testing
Memory Startups To Watch
The next-generation memories are finally ramping up after years' of delays and promises. Intel, for one, is shipping 3D XPoint, a next-generation technology based on ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Optimizing 5G With AI At The Edge
AI touches our lives in many different ways, and while some AI-enabled applications are highly visible, like the increasingly popular Amazon Echo and Google Home ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Next-Gen Memory Ramping Up
The next-generation memory market is heating up as vendors ramp a number of new technologies, but there are some challenges in bringing these products into the ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Inspecting Unpatterned Wafers
Unpatterned wafer inspection, which has flown well under the radar for most of the semiconductor industry, is becoming more critical amid the need to find defects earlier ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test
It's difficult to keep up with the U.S.-China trade war. In the latest event, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) recently released a 25% tariff on $16 billion in ...
Semiconductor Engineering
NAND flash market remains in oversupply
The global NAND flash market remained in oversupply in the second quarter of 2018, though the market posted a 3.5% sequential increase in revenues. Average NAND ...
Size of Chipmaker Acquisitions May Have Peaked
The era of mega-consolidation that the semiconductor industry has been engulfed in over the past few years may have reached a peak, at least in terms of the size ...
EE Times
As Nvidia expands in artificial intelligence, Intel defends turf
Nvidia Corp dominates chips for training computers to think like humans, but it faces an entrenched competitor in a major avenue for expansion in the artificial ...
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Indium Features Indium3.2HF Solder Paste for Fine Feature Printing at SEMICON Taiwan
Indium Corporation will feature its Indium3.2HF Solder Paste at SEMICON Taiwan 2018 September 5-7 in Taipei, Taiwan. Indium Corporation's Indium3.2HF is a water-soluble ...
Indium Corporation
Nordson SONOSCAN announces the most versatile C-SAM ever!
Nordson SONOSCAN announces its new Gen7™ laboratory style acoustic micro-imaging tool. The new Gen7 AMI tool enhances operator productivity and part throughput rate ...
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
Which of the following was not invented by Thomas Edison? Light Bulb, Movie Projector, Telegraph or Phonograph.
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