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Feb 22, 2017
SEMI Appoints Ajit Manocha President & CEO
SEMI, the global association connecting and representing the worldwide electronics manufacturing supply chain, today announced the appointment of Ajit Manocha as its president and CEO. He will succeed Denny McGuirk, who announced his intention to retire last October. The SEMI International Board of Directors conducted a comprehensive search process, selecting Manocha ...
Intel, Q'comm Show Cellular's Split
This year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) is likely to be somewhat schizophrenic. Vendors will attract attendees to booths with demos of how cool 5G will be when ...
EE Times
G'foundries debuts 45nm RFSOI
Globalfoundries announced it has process design kits available for 45nm RF SOI, a node particularly suited for use making millimeter-wave chips in 24-100GHz bands for 5G ...
EE Times
Toshiba wants to pick preferred bidder for chip unit sale by May
Toshiba Corp wants to pick the preferred bidder or bidders for a majority stake in its chip unit by the end of May and will hold the first round of bids, a source with ...
System Bits: Feb. 21
Stanford University and Sandia National Laboratories researchers have created an organic, high-performance, low-energy artificial synapse for neural network computing ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Stages of Electronics
Now that the world has become addicted to portable electronics, billions of people have come to see the companies providing these gadgets as the most innovative, ...
IEEE Spectrum
Taiwan consumer IC firms revenues to pick up in March
Taiwan-based MCU and consumer IC design houses have recently seen customer orders pick up, and are expected to see their revenues start to rise in March, ...
Three Cheers for Engineers... Hip Hip Hooray
As I pen these words, it's the start of National Engineers Week here in the USA. This celebration of engineering heroes takes place the week that encompasses George...
EE Times
Sated China smartphone market to sit back and digest inventory in 1Q17
After seeing record shipments in the fourth quarter of 2016, the China smartphone will ease up and try to digest inventory in the first quarter of 2017. ...
Brussels Update: EU Regulatory Developments and their Impact on the Global Industry
A number of EU regulations will be amended or enter into force in 2017, and each of these can potentially impact how SEMI members do business in Europe. Here's a ...
China and Taiwan fabs gearing up for next-gen memory production
China- and Taiwan-based pure-play foundries are partnering with their fabless clients to fabricate next-generation memory types, such as 3D NAND, MRAM and ReRAM, ...
Silicon wafer prices to rise in 2017, says GlobalWafers
Semiconductor-grade silicon wafer prices on a per-square inch basis, which reached an 11-year low of US$0.67, are set to rise in 2017 thanks to the already low ...
Semiconductor CapEx To Increase 4.3% In 2017
Semiconductor capital expenditures are an important bellwether for the industry. Based on preliminary findings, Semico Research predicts 2017's total will increase ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Get Ready For Nanotube RAM
The memory market is going in several different directions at once. On one front, the traditional memory types, such DRAM and flash, remain the workhorse ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Press Releases
Internet of Things: a promising future for sensors
The MEMS & sensor offering has never been so diverse. Inertial, pressure, temperature, (bio-)chemical and gas sensors as well as microphones, fingerprint and iris ...
Yole Développement
Brooks Instrument Names New Chief Technology Officer
Mohamed Saleem has joined Brooks Instrument as the company's new chief technology officer (CTO), where he will oversee its California-based technology development center ...
Brooks Instrument
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