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Mar 23, 2018
Quantum Computers Strive to Break Out of the Lab
Schrödinger's cat you've met--the one that is both alive and dead at the same time. Now say hello to Schrödinger's scientists, researchers who are in an eerie state of being simultaneously delighted and appalled. Schrödinger's famous thought experiment has come to life in a new form because quantum researchers are at the cusp of a long-sought accomplishment: creating a quantum computer ...
IEEE Spectrum
How Automotive ICs Are Reshaping Semiconductor Test
The growth of a new IC market creates ripples along the entire supply chain. Today, we see the semiconductor industry reacting to the needs of the growing automotive ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Micron bets that memory demand is here to stay
Micron Technology Inc. executives have been adamant that the sudden spike in demand for its memory chips is not a short-term phenomenon. Now, they're putting money ...
Market Watch
How the Internet of Things Could Fracture Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is the invisible workhorse of modern life. But Wi-Fi is struggling. And the next phase of the Internet-the Internet of Things-could break it. Startups and ...
IEEE Spectrum
EDA Chief Calls AI the New Driver
It's the age of AI, Moore's Law is not dead, and technology is changing everything, according to Aart de Geus, co-chief executive of Synopsys, in a talk at the company's ...
EE Times
Lattice Semi CEO Billerbeck Steps Down
Darin Billerbeck abruptly resigned as CEO of Lattice Semiconductor last week after running the company for seven years. Lattice named Chief Operating Officer Glen Hawk ...
EE Times
1st Intel Pentium processor is shipped, March 22, 1993
The first Intel Pentium processor was shipped on March 22, 1993, kicking off what would become a core line for the company and a well-regarded brand to the public ...
iPhone XI trial production could kick off soon to help avoid launch delays
Although the iPhone XI probably won't be announced until September, Apple could begin trial production of it soon, in order to prevent delays. DigiTimes reports that ...
ASE Announces Recipients of the 2017 'Outstanding Supplier' and 'Excellence in Sustainability' Awards
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc hosted the ASE Group supplier award ceremony. Each year, the ceremony endeavors to honor exceptional suppliers for outstanding ...
Deep Learning Market Forces
Last week, eSilicon participated in a deep learning event at the Computer History Museum -- "ASICs Unlock Deep Learning Innovation." Along with Samsung, Amkor Technology ...
Semiconductor Engineering
IBM Speeds Up Machine Learning
IBM wants to make machine learning as fast as snapping your fingers. At its own IBM THINKconference this week, IBM Research unveiled a newly published benchmark ...
EE Times
The Invention of NAND Flash Memory
Part 3 of the series, The Triumph of Quantum Mechanics at the Heart of Solid-State Data Storage, continues with the invention of NAND flash memory. The above ...
3D InCites
Press Releases
Solliance and ECN take major step in improving tandem solar cells
At the Silicon PV/nPV conference, in Lausanne, Switzerland, Solliance announces that it has achieved a major milestone in perovskite technology for application ...
Leti and Inac Show Path to Creating Building Blocks of Quantum Processors With 28Si isotope in a CMOS Line
CEA-Leti announced a breakthrough towards large-scale fabrication of quantum bits, or qubits, the elementary bricks of future quantum processors. They demonstrated ...
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