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Mar 26, 2019
Materials M&A Mania
Clearly, it's important to keep tabs on this industry. Vendors in the electronics materials business are critical to the supply chain—they provide the key gases, materials and ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Pentagon eyeing 5G solutions with Huawei rivals Ericsson and Nokia
As the U.S. further pushes to separate itself from Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies, the Pentagon is laying the groundwork to use ...
Role of Sockets in IC Product Life Cycle
A single contact technology cannot satisfy all requirements for IC verification throughout its life cycle. A socket that has replaceable modules is a fruitful solution.
Technical Paper
Selective Removal For Stronger Fins
Remember when we could charge our mobile phones on a Sunday and not even think about it again until the next weekend? There was a time when battery life wasn't ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Challenges in Automotive Package Development
3 Ways to Increase Plasma Uniformity
UV-Adhesive Bonding for Stud-pull
Role of Sockets in IC Product Life Cycle
MRS Sensor Technology for Challenging Measurement & Inspection
Gold Planar Bumps for Flip Chip Bonding with Challenging Applications
Sequential Infiltration Synthesis: A New Lithographic Enhancement Method
Single Vs. Multi-Patterning EUV
Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography finally is moving into production, but foundry customers now must decide whether to implement their designs using EUV-based ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Compal to see worsening supply gap in 2Q19
Despite being the slowest season of teh year, the worldwide largest notebook ODM Compal Electronics is seeing a supply gap between 10-20% to its clients in ...
Semi market to fall 10% this year, says Semiconductor Intelligence
The 2018 semiconductor market finished weak with an 8.2% decline in the fourth quarter from the third, says SI. The first quarter of 2019 will be even weaker. Most ...
Electronics Weekly
Fab Tool Sales Continue to Plunge
Sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment continued their steep decline in February, falling on an annual basis for the fourth consecutive month, according to ...
EE Times
AI Silicon Sprouts in the Dark
The potential for new architectures to accelerate deep learning is enormous. So far, only one novel chip has been fully described and benchmarked -- Google's TPU ...
EE Times
It’s Still Early Days for AI
"We need to get to real AI because most of today's systems don't have the common sense of a house cat!" The keynoter's words drew chuckles from an audience ...
EE Times
Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix Facing Earnings Shocks in 1st Quarter
Samsung Electronics Co. and SK Hynix Inc. are expected to see their operating profits cut by half in the first three months of the year. Some say that the market ...
Business Korea
An Optimist's View of the 4 Challenges to Quantum Computing
Quantum computers promise an exponential increase in power compared with today's classical CMOS-based systems. This increase is of a magnitude that is difficult ...
IEEE Spectrum
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Apr 8, 2019: Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing - Hsinchu, Taiwan
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North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts February 2019 Billings
North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted $1.86 billion in billings worldwide in February 2019 (three-month average basis), according to ...
The 5G revolution is pushing innovations for RF front-end SiP
Without doubt, 5G has arrived and various key smartphone OEMs have already announced products that will support 5G cellular and connectivity. It is clear for everyone ...
Yole Développement
Meyer Burger -- Strategic partnership with Oxford PV
Meyer Burger enters into important strategic partnership with leading developer of highly efficient next generation perovskite solar cells and sells 200 MW Heterojunction ...
Meyer Burger Technology Ltd
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