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Apr 3, 2020
Intel Wants You to Feel the Need for Speed Again
Intel Corp. is trying to sell its new laptop chips in an old way — by emphasizing their speed. The world's biggest chipmaker is touting the clock speed of its new H line of processors, citing their ability to process data at more than 5 gigahertz, or 5 billion cycles a second. "Frequency is the thing we've optimized for," said Fredrik Hamberger, an Intel general manager. "These are the first mobile processors ...
Technique reveals how crystals form on surfaces
The process of crystallization, in which atoms or molecules line up in orderly arrays like soldiers in formation, is the basis for many of the materials that define modern ...
MIT News
MLE™ Maskless Exposure Technology
In this white paper, we present a new HVM back-end lithography technology for advanced packaging, MEMS, biomedical and high-density PCB applications ...
Technical Paper
Diversity, Parity, Prosperity: Perspective of an Industry Veteran
It's been more than forty years since I earned my degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University, and my professional career in the semiconductor device ...
3D InCites
Low Latency Manufacturing for Biophotonic and Medical Packaging
GHz Bandwidth Socket
Backside Metallization for Low Cost High Thermal Package
Barrier Properties of an Electroless Deposit of Co-W-P Alloy
New Insights with Integrated Metrology
Thermal and Mechanical Analysis of Imaging BGA Image Sensor Package
Achieving High Accuracy Pattern Recognition for Die Bonding
Silicon Valley C-Suites: Adapt or Die
Imagine driving along an unfamiliar unlit road, in dense fog, at 100mph, while blindfolded. Crazy, huh? Well, as an industry this is precisely what we find ourselves ...
EE Times
Startup Reinvents Neural Network Maths, Launches 20mW Edge AI Chip
A silicon valley startup claims it has reinvented the mathematics of neural networks and has produced a complementary edge AI chip, already sampling ...
EE Times
New Gyroscope Design Will Help Autonomous Cars and Robots Map the World
As useful as GPS is, it's not a system that we can rely on all the time. There are many situations in which GPS might not be available, such as when you're inside a ...
IEEE Spectrum
Lane Departure Warnings For The Auto Industry
The automotive chip market is undergoing a series of subtle but significant shifts behind the scenes that could have major implications for the global automotive supply ...
Semiconductor Engineering
More Multiply-Accumulate Operations Everywhere
Geoff Tate, CEO of Flex Logix, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to talk about how to build programmable edge inferencing chips, embedded FPGAs, where ...
EE Times
Safe Autonomy: UL 4600 and How It Grew
Underwriters Laboratories has completed – on schedule – its first standard for Autonomous Vehicles. Called UL 4600, it is published and now available at ULstandards.com. ...
EE Times
U.S. officials agree on new ways to control high tech exports to China
The Trump administration is tightening rules to prevent China from obtaining advanced U.S. technology for commercial purposes and then diverting it to military use, ...
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SUSS MicroTec Successfully Purchases the Inkjet Printer Division of Meyer Burger
SUSS MicroTec announces the closing of the acquisition of PiXDRO, the inkjet printing division of Meyer Burger (Netherlands) B.V. On December 20, 2019, the intention ...
SUSS MicroTec
Amkor's Edge Protection™ Technology
Amkor has improved the robustness of the MicroLeadFrame® (MLF®/QFN) package design with the development of Edge Protection™ technology. This advancement protects...
Amkor Technology, Inc.
CEA-Leti's Compact Model for FD-SOI Devices Designated as a Chip-Industry Standard
L-UTSOI, a "compact model" dedicated to FD-SOI technologies and developed by CEA-Leti, has been selected as a standard model by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC)–...
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