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May 23, 2019
China Gives Chip Design Firms a Tax Break
China is making preferential tax treatment available to more chip design and software firms, in an effort to support domestic industries amid escalating trade tensions with the United States. In line with a state council directive in early May, the finance ministry said that companies in integrated circuit design and software industries will be exempt from paying income taxes in the first two years ...
Arm Deals Massive Blow to Huawei
A reported leaked internal memo at Arm has instructed all employees, including in its China subsidiary, to stop working with and supporting Huawei. It would be ...
EE Times
Gold Planar Bumps for Flip Chip Bonding with Challenging Applications
Achieving consistent, quality Au Planar bumps has been a challenge that the industry has been trying to meet for years. This case study explore these difficult ...
Technical Paper
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts April 2019 Billings
North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted $1.91 billion in billings worldwide in April 2019, according to the April Equipment Market ...
2.5D Package and HDFO – Advanced Heterogeneous Packaging Solutions
Case Study: Extreme Low-Void, Lead Free Soldering for Power Modules
11 Myths About SiP
Bondtesting of Memory Devices
Challenges & Solutions for Bonding Ultra-Small Ceramic End-Terminated Capacitors
Challenges in Automotive Package Development
3 Ways to Increase Plasma Uniformity
IBM set to commercialize quantum computers in 3-5 years, says executive
IBM is set to commercialize its quantum computers in the next 3-5 years, when they can outperform existing supercomputers in terms of computing capability ...
Facial Recognition Faces More Proposed Bans Across U.S.
Several companies, including Amazon and Clarifai, are working to create reliable facial recognition technology for use by government agencies and law enforcement ...
IEEE Spectrum
Redpine Do-It-All IoT Chip Heads for Home
All major chip vendors – namely, Qualcomm, Cypress or Texas Instruments – pursuing the elusive IoT market today are discovering that the smart-home segment ...
EE Times
Judge Bans Q’comm’s Cellular Deals
Qualcomm must end its "no license, no chips" policy and renegotiate all of its existing licenses for cellular patents, a San Jose judge ruled. The 233-page decision will ...
EE Times
The Making of the 5G Standard
There is a lot of buzz about 5G these days, and for good reason. While 3G and 4G have had a long life and the 3G to 4G (LTE) transition was reasonably gradual, the 5G ...
EE Times
Controlling Variability And Cost At 3nm And Beyond
You can imagine doing a lot of compensation in different process control schemes, particularly to get around the variability problem. The industry is just at the ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Sony sees smartphone business as indispensable, says CEO
Sony Corp sees the smartphone business as indispensable to its brand portfolio, its CEO said, bucking calls from some investors that the Japanese electronics firm should ...
Escalating US-China trade war brings uncertainty to memory market in 2H19
With the US and China raising tariffs on each other's goods, coupled with the US ban on Huawei, uncertainty has emerged over the memory market outlook for ...
Shanghai to offer tax incentives and funding to build semiconductor industry
Shanghai will be offering tax incentives and funding to support the development of the country's domestic semiconductor industry as China starts to find itself ...
China Knowledge
May 23, 2019: ESD Alliance CEO Outlook
May 23, 2019: FREE Reliability of Circuit Assemblies Workshop
May 29, 2019: FLEX Taiwan 2019
Jun 3, 2019: Failure and Yield Analysis Short Course (Munich)
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Which South American country lost its coastline to Chile in 1879?
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EV Group Wafer Bonding Solutions Highlighted at ECTC 2019
EV Group announced that new developments in heterogeneous integration and wafer-level packaging enabled by its advanced wafer bonding solutions will be highlighted ...
EV Group
SEMI Monitors Escalating U.S.-China Trade Tensions; Eyes Electronics Supply Chain Impact
SEMI provided the following statement from Mike Russo, VP of Global Industry Advocacy, regarding the escalation in tensions between the U.S. and China regarding ...
EEL: Yole's analysts point out the emergence of potential killer applications
Last year, EELs represented a US$2.5B market, announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest technology & market analysis, EEL market and technology trends ...
Yole Développement
Atotech to present semiconductor advanced packaging solutions and innovations at ECTC 2019
At this year's IEEE 69th Electronics Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) Atotech will be presenting its product lineup, roadmap and a technical paper ...
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Which South American country lost its coastline to Chile in 1879?
Answer: Bolivia (It still keeps its navy - on a lake). The War of the Pacific was the result of Chile's border claims of coastal Bolivian territory of the Atacama Desert. Bolivia was allied with Peru against Chile. The war ended with victory for Chile.
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