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Nov 15, 2018
Machine Learning Moves Into Fab And Mask Shop
Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and chip and photomask manufacturing technologies with Aki Fujimura, chief executive of D2S; Jerry Chen, business and ecosystem development manager at Nvidia; Noriaki Nakayamada, senior technologist at NuFlare; and Mikael Wahlsten, director and product area manager at Mycronic. What follows are ...
Semiconductor Engineering
U.S. Likely to Impose High Tariffs on Semiconductors Next Year
Korean exporters are groaning under mounting U.S. trade protectionism. According to industry sources, President Donald Trump is likely to put pressure on the Korean ...
Business Korea
EMI Protection at the Package Level
Miniaturization and SiP advances are driving a need for more effective EMI shielding at the package level. Two new approaches from Henkel are providing unique ...
Technical Paper
TSMC approves new capex spending for capacity expansion
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has approved the appropriation of around US$3.36 billion for new fab facility construction, and advanced-node and ...
Active Optical Cable Transceiver Packaging Trends
Optimizing Pre-treatment for Electroless Deposition on Small Pads for UBM Formation
Multichip Integrated Copper Clip Package Technology
IC Socket Footprint -- Why is it important?
Surface Mount Guidelines for Amkor's DRMLF®
Lasers for High-speed Sample Preparation
Developing a Theta jc Standard for Electronic Packages
A matter of volume: threat from ascendant Chinese phones hangs over Apple
A raft of profit warnings from Apple Inc suppliers this week has fueled investor concerns that iPhone sales, in terms of volume, have hit a wall that could spell trouble ...
Jumping into Industry 4.0 with Predictive Maintenance Solutions
To ensure the high level of automation required in today's industrial applications, equipment must be more efficient, intelligent, aware of context and more connected ...
EE Times
A Look at ST's Plans for EVs, ADAS and China
The continuous expansion of electronics inside cars -- both internal combustion and EV -- has made automotive the semiconductor market's lead driver in recent years ...
EE Times
Taiwan MLCC makers see significant demand slowdown
Taiwan MLCC makers have seen market demand slow down significantly since the beginning of the fourth quarter amid a spate of undesirable factors, and the past ...
Yangtze Memory gearing up for transition to 128-layer 3D NAND
China's Yangtze Memory Technology (YMTC) has started delivering samples of its 64-layer 3D NAND chip with volume production likely to kick off in the third ...
Samsung expected to deliver apology on work-related diseases next week
Samsung Electronics Co. is expected to deliver an official apology on the long-standing dispute surrounding its former workers suffering from diseases apparently ...
Yonhap News Agency
Waymo CEO: Autonomous cars won't ever be able to drive in all conditions
It'll be decades before autonomous cars are widespread on the roads -- and even then, they won't be able to drive themselves in certain conditions, the CEO of Waymo ...
Nov 27, 2018: Smart Manufacturing Workshop
Nov 28, 2018: Key Semiconductor Account Selling and Management
Nov 29, 2018: Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing/ Orlando, FL
Dec 3, 2018: ESD Program Development and Assessment (ANSI/ESD S20.20 Seminar)
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European Commission Project Creates Pilot Line for Companies to Develop Mid-Infrared Devices
MIRPHAB, a European Commission project to create a pilot line to fabricate mid-infrared (MIR) sensors by 2020, is accepting proposals from companies that want ...
EV Group partners with Plessey to drive GaN-on-Silicon monolithic microLED technology
Plessey announces a collaboration with EV Group (EVG) to bring high-performance GaN-on-Silicon (GaN-on-Si) monolithic microLED technology to the mass market. ...
Plessey Semiconductors
Automotive, AI and IoT SMART Innovations: SEMICON Europa 2018 Opens Tomorrow
With Europe strategically positioned in the global electronics value chain to drive innovation, SEMICON Europa 2018 opens tomorrow and brings together top industry ...
Brooks Instrument Announces New Engineering Scholarship
Brooks Instrument has introduced a new engineering scholarship for undergraduate students enrolled in an engineering program at an accredited college or university. ...
Brooks Instrument
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