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Top Story September 26, 2016
TSMC Expands its 3D Menu
Taiwan's largest semiconductor kitchen released its latest menu, a 3D matrix that spans process, packaging and applications-specific options. TSMC described at an event here FinFET processes down to 7nm it will serve up over the next few months as well as an expanding set of 3D packaging options. "We are getting into a 3D x 3D era that will carry us into ...
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Industry News
450mm And Other Emergency Measures
Talk about boosting wafer sizes from 300mm to 450mm has been creeping back into presentations and discussions at conferences over the past couple months. ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Samsung Electronics delays South Korea re-start of Note 7 sales by three days
Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said it was delaying the start of new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone sales in South Korea by three days to Oct. 1, a move it says ...
More Food for Thought From The 2016 European MEMS Summit
Granted, while there may not have been a single "aha!" moment at the 2016 European MEMS Summit, held September 15-16 in Stuttgart Germany, the speakers did provide ...
3D InCites
Will III-V Power Devices Happen?
In a previous blog post, I provided a review of the overall power device market and trends driving changes in device evolution that entail materials innovation. ...
Semiconductor Engineering
The Pitfalls Of Auto-Stitching In Double-Patterning
Ever since the first double-pattern (DP) odd-cycle error ring was produced on a layout, designers have longed for a magic solution to solve it. Traditionally the ...
Semiconductor Engineering
The Internet of Fewer Things
If you follow discussions about the Internet of Things, you've probably heard this stunning prediction at least once: The world will have 50 billion Internet-connected ...
IEEE Spectrum

China's Huawei to start India smartphone production in Oct
Chinese telecoms giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd will start making smartphones in India next month, the company said, joining a wave of compatriots setting up plants in ...
Chip orders for new iPhone to fall in 1Q17, sources say
Chip orders placed for the iPhone 7/7 Plus will likely fall about 20% sequentially in the first quarter of 2017, according to an estimate made by analog chip suppliers. ...
The Week In Review: Manufacturing
Applied Materials and the Institute of Microelectronics (IME), a research institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), have announced ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Samsung chip executive jailed for attempted tech leak to China
A senior executive at Samsung's semiconductor division has been jailed for attempting to leak trade secrets to China. The executive, who was in charge of quality ...
Shanhai Capital acquires Analogix Semiconductor for $500 million
Shanhai Capital has led a consortium to acquire Analogix Semiconductor for more than $500 million. The chip company makes semiconductors that enable high-resolution ...
What Does the End of Moore's Law Mean for Technology?
Back in the 1960s, Gordon Moore - the future founder of Intel - made a bold prophecy: Every year, the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits ...
StateTech Magazine
Toshiba expands 24nm SLC NAND flash lineup to address industrial applications
Toshiba America Electronic Components has expanded its family of 24nm single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory solutions. The new 16Gb BENAND is housed in an ...
Chip IP Biz & IC Industry M&As
The semiconductor industry has undergone a number of large acquisitions this year that indicates a forward direction for the industry. Each of the past several months ...
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Press Releases
Job Opportunity: Manager Sales and Membership Europe at SEMI
With immediate effect SEMI Europe is searching for a Manager Sales and Membership Europe. You will be successfully selling SEMl's products and services within ...
SEMI Europe
Element Six's Advanced Water Treatment Technology, Diamox, Invited to WEFTEC 2016
Element Six will be presenting its recently launched Diamox electrochemical advanced oxidation cell technology at the Water Environment Federation's Annual Technical ...
Element Six
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