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Aug 23, 2019
Chiplets, Faster Interconnects, More Efficiency
Big chipmakers are turning to architectural improvements such as chiplets, faster throughput both on-chip and off-chip, and concentrating more work per operation or cycle, in order to ramp up processing speeds and efficiency. Taken as a whole, this represents a significant shift in direction for the major chip companies. All of them are wrestling with massive increases in processing demands ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Top-15 Semiconductor Suppliers’ Sales Fall by 18% in 1H19
IC Insights released its August Update to the 2019 McClean Report earlier this month. This Update included Part 1 of an in-depth analysis of the foundry industry, an ...
IC Insights
MLE™ Maskless Exposure Technology
In this white paper, we present a new HVM back-end lithography technology for advanced packaging, MEMS, biomedical and high-density PCB applications ...
Technical Paper
6 Things to Know About the Biggest Chip Ever Built
At the IEEE Hot Chips symposium at Stanford University, startup Cerebras unveiled the largest chip ever built. It is roughly a silicon wafer-size system meant to reduce ...
IEEE Spectrum
Vertical Laser Assisted Bonding for Advanced 3.5D Chip Packaging
Collaborative Manufacturing in Photonics Packaging
MLE™ Maskless Exposure Technology
Delivering automotive quality IC packaging technology
Die Strength Characterization
False Fine Leak Testing of Hermetic Packages
Power Packaging for Automotive Semiconductors -- Now and Future
Moore's Law isn't dead, chip boffin declares - we need it to keep chugging along for the sake of AI
The machine-learning world is obsessed with training AI models as quickly as possible and if the hardware community is to keep up, future chips will need to have more ...
The Register
Making Security User Friendly
Serious tradeoffs between technology accessibility and other optimization factors, such as power and security, can crop up especially in the early days of a new product's ...
Semiconductor Engineering
What Is A Custom Processor?
Spurred by the latest cyclical development boom, the semiconductor industry is entering a new golden era of custom processors, but this time 'custom processor' means ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Why Has India Lagged Behind In Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing?
While India has done well in terms of chip design and electronics manufacturing, there have been challenges in setting up of Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication (FAB) ...
Analytics India
Huawei supply chain makers upbeat as reprieve extends
Taiwan's component makers in Huawei's handset supply chain have felt relief after the US government granted the Chinese telecom firm another 90-day reprieve on ...
10 atoms thick heat shield to guard electronic devices
Researchers revealed that in case of excessive heating of electronic devices, a few layers of atomically thin materials stacked up will not only provide insulation but ...
The Asian Age.
Is It Time to Forget about Huawei?
Silence is deafening. When asked about the latest delay to a full-scale Huawei trade ban, most chip and component manufactures declined to speak to us. The 90-day ...
EE Times
Aug 29, 2019: FREE Webinar - Surface Cleanliness Assessment
Sep 17, 2019: Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing - Santa Clara, CA
Sep 19, 2019: Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing - Portland, OR
Sep 26, 2019: Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing - Wakefield, MA
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Virtual Industries Launches New Series of VACUUM TWEEZER™ Kits with AUTO-SHUT-OFF Feature
Virtual Industries Inc. is pleased to introduce the new ADJUST-A-VAC™ AUTO-SHUT-OFF ESD-SAFE Kit with Buna-N Static Dissipative Non-Marking Vac (AV-6000A-110). ...
Virtual Industries Inc.
Indium Corporation to Feature Materials for HIA at Electronics Packaging Symposium
Indium Corporation will feature its proven materials for Heterogeneous Integration & Assembly (HIA) at the 31st Annual Electronics Packaging Symposium, September 5-6 ...
Indium Corporation
Innovations in Optics Acquires New Automatic Die Bonder
In our continued strategic pursuit of excellence and improvement, Innovations in Optics, Inc. has purchased a new F&S BONDTEC Model 5830 automatic wire bonder ...
Innovations in Optics, Inc.
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In architecture, what is a lancet?
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