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Sep 26, 2018
GLOBALFOUNDRIES extends FinFET offering with new features to enable tomorrow's intelligent systems
As part of the company's new focus on intensifying investment in differentiation, GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced at its annual Global Technology Conference, plans to ...
Solid State Technology
Oxygen vs. nanochip
For the first time ever, an international team of scientists from NUST MISIS, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the University of Namur (Belgium), and Korea Research ...
Plating and Film Adhesion Testing Technique
The bond quality of plating and films is essential for product reliability but not so easily measured. Conventional scratch testing is a proven method but both ...
Technical Paper
Qualcomm accuses Apple of stealing its secrets to help Intel
Qualcomm Inc accused Apple Inc of stealing its chip-making secrets and giving them to rival Intel Corp, paving the way for Apple to switch to Intel's improved semiconductors ...
Multichip Integrated Copper Clip Package Technology
IC Socket Footprint -- Why is it important?
Surface Mount Guidelines for Amkor's DRMLF®
Lasers for High-speed Sample Preparation
Developing a Theta jc Standard for Electronic Packages
Is Fully Automatic Bond Testing Possible?
New Technique to Create sub 2.0 µm Interconnects on Panel Format
TSMC to set up new fab for advanced packaging
Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has started its environmental impact assessment on land designated for construction of a new plant by Taiwan ...
Chipmakers to gain from robust demand for smart voice-based devices
MediaTek is likely to land handsome orders for smart voice service chipsets from Amazon as the web giant is extending its built-in Alexa smart voice software to a ...
China 5G market unlikely to grow in scale until after 2022, Digitimes Research says
The end-user market for 5G networks in China may not enter a stage with meaningful growth until after 2022, as telecom operators there are aiming to kick off ...
Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 25
The system is simulating these particles at speeds over 70 times faster than the predecessor. More specifically, Oak Ridge is simulating quarks and gluons on the ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Samsung outraces Apple to become top smartphone vendor in Taiwan in August
Samsung Electronics overtook Apple to become the top vendor in Taiwan's smartphone market in August with a 19.6% share in terms of sales volume, buoyed by strong ...
AMD may regain 30% global desktop CPU market share in 4Q18
After returning to profitability in 2017, AMD has continued gaining momentum to perform better in 2018, with its share price hitting a 12-year high recently and its ...
5G Specs Get Last Minute Update
The 3GPP released a set of at least eight change requests for its specification for 5G cellular networks. The updates are not expected to delay commercial rollouts ...
EE Times
Renesas to Pitch Baby-step AI for Factories
Every company that has pledged its faith to "smart manufacturing" is pledging its hopes for AI. This brave new world requires a big investment in high-cost AI systems ...
EE Times
3D NAND accounts for over 60% of global NAND flash bit output
Major NAND flash chip vendors have had over 60% of their production capacities utilize 64/72-layer 3D NAND process technology, helping 3D NAND become a mainstream ...
'Made in China 2025': how new technologies could help Beijing achieve its dream of becoming a semiconductor giant
The third instalment of a series on China's hi-tech industry development master plan looks at semiconductors, and how the country's rapid embrace of new technologies ...
South China Morning Post
Sep 24, 2018: Strategic Materials Conference - SMC
Sep 24, 2018: Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing - Irvine, CA
Sep 27, 2018: Free Cleaning Webinar - LED Cleaning and Reliability
Sep 27, 2018: Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing/ San Jose, CA
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Which metal has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity?
See answer below.
44 GHz Bandwidth Clamshell Lid Socket for QFN16
Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new QFN socket design using high performance elastomer capable of 44 GHz, very low inductance, high endurance and wide ...
Ironwood Electronics
EB-403-1LV-T1, One Part, Thermally Conductive, High Temperature Epoxy
epoxySet provides the EB-403-1LV-T1, thermally conductive, structural adhesive. This low outgassing formulation is approved to NASA specification ASTM E-595-07. ...
Radar for automotive: we are entering a new age...
The automotive radar market consequently benefits from a 23% CAGR between 2016 and 2022. AEB application is the main driver for the 77 GHz radar market growth. Yole ...
Yole Développement
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
Which metal has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity?
Answer: Silver. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. In fact, silver defines conductivity - all other metals are compared against it. On a scale of 0 to 100, silver ranks 100, with copper at 97 and gold at 76.