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Jul 17, 2018
A Photonic Circuit for Quantum Computers
The foundational element of quantum computers is the qubit. Qubits can be any kind of particle that has quantum properties, such as an electron or a photon. For these qubits to accomplish their job in a quantum computer, they need to interact with each other in a quantum process known as entanglement. While photons would make for great qubits because of their speed, they don't like to interact ...
IEEE Spectrum
ZTE, Tariffs, and a Chip Strategy
For all its drama, the Trump presidency could have less impact on the U.S. semiconductor industry than the cadre of dedicated government workers who survive the political ...
EE Times
Dam and Fill Encapsulants Continue To Protect Sensitive Packages
For over twenty years NAMICS dam and fill encapsulants have protected fragile integrated circuits and wire bonds. Newly developed EU SVHC-free grades are now available.
Technical Paper
Darpa Plans a Major Remake of U.S. Electronics
The defense department's research wing is pouring $1.5 billion into projects that could radically alter how electronics are made. The U.S. Defense Advanced Research ...
IEEE Spectrum
New Technique to Create sub 2.0 µm Interconnects on Panel Format
Package Thermal Challenges Due to Changing Mobile System Form Factors
Metal-Oxide (MOX) Gas Sensor Testing
The Science of Bond Testing
IC Socket- Carrier for Semiconductor Devices in Finished Product
Multi-Die Packaging and Thermal Superposition Modeling
Reducing the Cost of Applying Package-Level EMI Shield Coatings
Component Shortages Give OEMs Cold Feet on Inventory Commitments
There is little about the "Great Component Shortage of 2018" that hasn't already been thoroughly analyzed. Unprecedented demand for smaller and more efficient ...
Compound IC makers see bright 2H18 on robust Apple demand for 3D sensors
As Apple is expected to mass incorporate 3D sensors into its new portable devices to power face ID, Taiwan suppliers of III-V compound semiconductors and 3D sensing ...
Manufacturing Bits: July 16
The Instituto de Ciencias Físicas UNAM has developed a new contaminant detection technique. It uses sound waves to levitate droplets of water for sampling purposes ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Component inventories for iPhone X remain at high levels, say sources
Affected by Apple's overly-optimistic expectations for sales of the iPhone X, inventory of finished chassis, and other parts and components at the iPhone X's supply ...
SMIC expanding 8-inch fab capacity
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) held a ceremony recently to mark the start of equipment move-in at the new facilities of its 8-inch wafer plant in Tianjin ...
Taiwan moving to help makers avert China-US trade war impact
The government in Taiwan has taken three major countermeasures to avert possible impact of the escalating China-US trade spats, including helping makers to boost ...
SEMICON West 2018: Smart Starts Where?
Well, that was interesting. SEMICON West 2018 just wrapped up, and I'm not quite sure what just happened. This year's event was... For lack of a better word... different ...
3D Incites
Apple iPhone, iPad Models With Face ID Confirmed By 3D Sensor Suppliers
Supply chain sources have revealed that Apple's Taiwan-based suppliers are anticipating the Cupertino giant's strong demand for more 3D sensors as it sets to mass ...
International Business Times
Samsung capex for NAND flash to hike
Samsung Electronics will expand its capex for NAND flash memory to around US$9 billion in 2019, up from about US$6.4 billion in 2018, a recent Chosun Ilbo report ...
Jul 17, 2018: Webtorial: Fan Out Packaging- Technology Overview and Evolution
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Sep 5, 2018: SEMICON Taiwan
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Standards Industry Leaders Honored at SEMICON West 2018
SEMI honored two industry leaders at SEMICON West 2018 for their outstanding accomplishments in developing Standards for the electronics and related industries. The SEMI ...
Boston Semi Equipment Enhances MEMS Sensor Testing
Boston Semi Equipment (BSE) introduced its Zeus gravity feed solution for handling pressure MEMS devices that require pressure and vacuum stimulus during testing ...
Boston Semi Equipment
New Chief Financial Officers Appointed at Carl Zeiss
Effective 1 October 2018, Dr. Christian Müller will become Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Carl Zeiss AG. He will succeed Thomas Spitzenpfeil who, as previously announced ...
Carl Zeiss AG
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