February 12, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: Marie-Josée Turgeon, CEO, C2MI

VIEWPOINT 2024: Marie-Josée Turgeon, CEO, C2MI
Marie-Josée Turgeon, CEO, C2MI
While previous pandemic years have served our industry well by confirming the crucial role of semiconductors in many manufacturing sectors, 2023 has been a challenge for manufacturing activities with high interest rates and some slowdowns, but the R&D market is very enthusiastic with all the exciting actions being put in place in the US to reshore manufacturing activities and strengthen the supply chain. This enthusiasm is driving strong growth in the R&D environment, premise that the manufacturing activities should pick up again in 2024.

In 2023, we focused on developing new materials and technologies that will serve as stepping stones for the advanced packaging technologies of the future and processes that will challenge the world of MEMS and photonic devices. Being one step ahead is important for us but also for our customers, our more than 400 company ecosystem and our employees. C2MI’s team strives on innovation and forward thinking, evolving in an environment where creative thinking and technological culture meet.

These two assets are the most important skills where employees can excel, as recognized by the World Economic Forum. Hiring remains an issue across North America, but we firmly believe that innovation as a workplace, and not just in the product we build, remains the most attractive draw for our workforce.

With 2024 on our doorstep, we're looking forward to a new chapter in our R&D center where we aim to integrate a more sustainable approach into everything we do. From life cycle analysis done on customer project to help in the assessment of the environmental impact of their new products to thorough analysis of our infrastructure and switching to more sustainable solutions, to developing sustainable materials for electronic applications that will withstand the harsh reliability conditions of new technologies that, only with their process will reduce significantly the use of resources, our team is ready to tackle the challenges and help the overall reduction of electronic devices environmental impact.

We strongly believe that to nurture innovation, we need to ensure that we constantly feed its never-ending appetite by promoting it, based on the principle that we must constantly question ourselves, even when everything is working to perfection. That is what C2MI has been doing for more than 11 years and what we will continue to do.

Marie-Josée Turgeon, CEO
C2MI (MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre)
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