Viewpoint - Asif Chowdhury
February 10, 2022

VIEWPOINT 2022: Asif Chowdhury, Senior Vice President, UTAC Group

VIEWPOINT 2022: Asif Chowdhury, Senior Vice President, UTAC Group
Asif Chowdhury, Senior Vice President, UTAC Group
A Brief Summary of Year for Semiconductor

2021 had been an interesting year for semiconductor. Never in the history of semiconductor industry has anyone witnessed this disruptive level of supply chain constraints and for so long.

While semiconductor manufacturing contributes to only 0.5% of global GDP, they play an essential role in most of the rest of the industries that drive it. The shortage has been particularly acute for the automotive industries. On top of that the industry was also hit with unprecedented increase in costs of key materials such as lead frames and epoxy.

2021 had been a tough year for UTAC group in terms of servicing the capacity demand from our global customers, including our automotive customers. But we worked very closely and directly with our customers to understand their true demand while at the same time working closely with all our key suppliers to maximize the delivery. It is a testament to our years of strong relationships with all our customers and suppliers.

Despite the capacity shortage, supply chain constraints, and cost impact, the initial estimation shows a greater than 20% year-over-year global semiconductor revenue growth in 2021. It was a stellar year for UTAC in terms of growth. In September, UTAC reached a major milestone of achieving $1B in revenue. Initial estimate shows our 2021 year-over-year revenue growth to be greater than 65%.

We expect the supply-chain constraints, especially for the automotive sector, to last at least through the first two quarters. Barring any negative global event, we expect 2022 to also be another high single-digit growth year.

Asif Chowdhury, Senior Vice President
UTAC Group
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