Viewpoint - Stephen Rothrock
January 22, 2021

VIEWPOINT 2021: Stephen Rothrock, President & CEO, ATREG, Inc.

VIEWPOINT 2021: Stephen Rothrock, President & CEO, ATREG, Inc.
Stephen Rothrock, President & CEO, ATREG, Inc.
COVID-19: Lessons learned for a better tomorrow

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on our health and economies. As mass vaccination campaigns get underway around the globe, 2021 will not only be a time for hope and recovery, but also for reflection -- what positive lessons can we learn from such an ordeal? Adversity brings opportunity, and despite the trail of destruction it has left in its wake, COVID-19 will have initiated a legacy of positive trends that we, as humankind, should take advantage of to make our future world a better place.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation on a global scale, which in turn has led to an increased focus on social justice, health, climate change, as well as cyber security; all this has substantially been enabled by semiconductor technology at the outset.

Global lockdowns reducing human pollution revived consumer awareness about the environment and increased demand for green energy technologies, such as electric vehicles, solar, and wind. Companies find greener ways to produce energy and countries have put deadlines in place by which they will no longer allow the sale of the internal combustion engine.

The European Union is pushing to dedicate 30% of its stimulus package to green energy. And when it comes to the semiconductor industry, it has also shown the increasing importance of supply chain resilience. Although more challenging due to the pandemic, operational fab sales, M&A transactions, and company integrations continued worldwide.

New processes developed and dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic are here to stay. With imposed travel restrictions, companies have realized that business with external parties can be conducted just as successfully remotely through video conferencing. From a product standpoint, and with more people working from home, the huge demand for laptops, iPads, and displays will continue. And employees currently working from home may well elect to continue doing so four or five days a week post-pandemic to eliminate long commutes and be more productive. With the expansion of 5G and other networking technologies, companies can hire talent remotely and students can learn online.

In this new normal, a successful company will be the one that remains cognizant of the transformations currently taking place and how those changes will impact their business and employees. This represents a tremendous opportunity for all of us to do better for ourselves, others, and our environment.

Stephen Rothrock, President & CEO
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