Viewpoint - William Gerrard Crockett Jr.
February 13, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: William Crockett Jr., VP Bonding Wire Sales The America's, Tanaka

VIEWPOINT 2020: William Crockett Jr., VP Bonding Wire Sales The America's, Tanaka
William Gerrard Crockett Jr., VP Bonding Wire Sales The America's, Tanaka
Tanaka was founded in 1885 as a Precious Metals company. Tanaka has pursued new innovations and value in following fields; automotive, semiconductors, medical, optics, new energy and recycling. After Tanaka's acquisition of Metalor in 2016, we are now aligned to be a leader in providing Total Solutions for the Global Economy.

Last year was challenging to understand and support our customers because of the newly imposed China tariffs which injected uncertainty with the import of some materials. Due to our Global footprint, we were able to support and solve some of our customer issues regarding trade between the USA and China. Here in the USA we have strengthened our Distributer network to improve and support our Domestic client base, removing material delivery constraints due to import issues.

2020 Situation analysis, we will introduce new products and expand our presence in the following markets; automotive, medical, 5G and AeroSpace & Defense.

My expectation is the automotive market offers the best growth for the Semiconductor industry. Not only EV (Electric Vehicle) but for all cars. The average amount of semiconductor components within all cars is growing rapidly. As features like blind-spot sensors and backup cameras become standard on cars, regardless if they're EVs or not, these features require semiconductors and increase the demand of the global supply chain.

Each of the top semiconductor companies has an group devoted to automotive innovations, so supply chain and manufacturing professionals should be tapped into the developments coming out of those teams. For example, wireless communication (5G networks) is a key development for EV and all cars since they require connectivity for vehicle-system updates, emergency services communication and navigation assistance. This naturally will require a large and steady supply of semiconductors.

The drive to reduce costs in semiconductor and integrated circuits remains a key challenge for the industry and will be a critical factor in the automotive market because now human lives are at stake. As a result, the industry is pushing for standardization and high reliability solutions increasing an array of applications and packaging solutions to the industry.

The current supplier base for consumer electronics is now mature and many companies participate in this area. On the other hand sensors (e.g. Lidar, ADAS), 5G networks and automotive semiconductors is very fragmented and an opportunity exists for increasing market share to those that invest and move fast.

2019 finished strong, what does 2020 have in store? Stay tuned...

William Gerrard Crockett Jr., VP Bonding Wire Sales The America's
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