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July 10, 2017

Multitest Soak Booster for Significant Reduction of Soaking Time
Expanding Capabilities for Temperature Testing

Rosenheim (Germany): Multitest recently installed the well-established tri-temp handler MT9928 with an enhanced Soak Booster option. The Soak Booster cuts down the soak time by up to 50%. Multitest is currently the only company offering this kind of advanced technology for gravity handlers.

With this development Multitest is responding to the market need for temperature testing of large devices where soak time closely correlates with throughput, and as a result, impacts the cost of test. High-volume production test of automotive devices is one market that benefits from this enhanced Soak Booster capability.

Whereas the industry standard for gravity handling is thermal heat transfer by radiation from track to device, Soak Booster uses convection as transfer principle. The temperature controlled air is blown directly to the device.

The "Soak Booster" option is built on Multitest's excellence in temperature test solutions and is available for SO packages down to 300 mil in size.

To learn more about the MT9928 gravity handler, please visit www.multitest.com/MT9928


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