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March 25, 2016

Multitest's Link Contactor Family: Offset Vertical Probe with Wipe Design
Link Contactor Family: Offset Vertical Probe with Wipe Design for Best Mechanical and Electrical Performance

St. Paul, MN (USA): Multitest's Link Contactor family line for analog, mixed signal, and RF applications applies innovative vertical probe design. Link Contactors combine advantageous mechanical features - such as self-cleaning and scrub - with superior electrical performance and an architecture that eliminates wear on test interface board pads.

The offset vertical architecture of the Link probe is designed to support superior test yield, maximum repeatability and low repair and replacement cost. The wipe motion of the probe provides scrub through oxides on the IC pads and cleans itself when moving back to its original free height. This motion is fully decoupled from the connection to the test interface board resulting in a stable connection between the probe and the load board pad, avoiding pad wear and carbon debris buildup. This implementation also eliminates the potential for arching between the probe and the test interface board pad.

The footprint compatibility of the Link contactor supports easy replacement of existing solutions. The Link probe is available in different styles optimizing the solution to the requirements of the specific test applications.

MicroLink: Miniaturization of Link Technology for Small Pitches and Advanced Electrical Requirements
Multitest leveraged the innovative and field proven Link technology to develop MicroLink - a probe which addresses advanced electrical test requirements for lower inductance and better signal integrity.

The MicroLink probe offers enhanced performance in all major electrical categories: impedance, insertion loss, inductance, contact resistance, and signal integrity. The signal path has been shortened to 0.373 mm. MicroLink supports RF applications with 60GHz and higher. Mechanically the MicroLink probe features optimized contact wipe and pointing accuracy, which makes it most appropriate for packages with a pitch down to 0.3 mm.

Tony Tiengtum, Product Managers, confirms: "MicroLink is a field proven re-design of the well-established Link technology, which allows our customers to leverage the benefits of the Link technology for applications with even stricter electrical requirements and/or smaller device pitches. Our customers, which have been deploying MicroLink in production for several months, report that the MicroLink proves superior electrical performance over competitor's solutions."

MacroLink: Making Link Technology Footprint Compatible to Existing Set-Ups
Multitest also offers the field proven Link technology as a replacement option for existing solutions. MacroLink combines full foot print compatibility with production proven electrical and mechanical performance.

MacroLink particularly addresses board wear issues, which customer faced with competitor's solutions. The MacroLink facilitates the replacement by keeping full compatibility to existing test handler conversion kits and load boards.

For MacroLink the Link probe design has been adjusted to comply with larger offset footprints. Additionally, the probe geometry has been optimized for electrical performance.

Tony Tiengtum, Product Managers, explains: "MacroLink was driven by customers request to replace competitor's solutions, which caused substantial board wear issues. The design of MacroLink makes it an easy drop-in alternative."

To learn more about the Multitest Link Contactor family, visit www.multitest.com/Link

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