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February 4, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Ken Molitor, Chief Operating Officer, Quik-Pak
VIEWPOINT 2020: Ken Molitor, Chief Operating Officer, Quik-Pak
Ken Molitor, Chief Operating Officer, Quik-Pak
Q. What are your expectations for semiconductor packaging next year?

Companies' needs to get products to market quickly will increase, and we see demand for our services increasing accordingly. In the coming year, areas driving this demand from a silicon perspective will include RF, MEMS, sensors and power – all ripe for low-cost QFN [quad flat no-lead] applications.

We believe RF will explode due to the rise of 5G. While the China tariffs have slowed the growth of the 5G infrastructure, it's starting to roll out, and we're poised to help enable this further through our product and process offerings. For example, our air-cavity QFN is a cheaper alternative than ceramic packaging and can be provided quickly in small to medium volumes – helping customers meet those their critical time-to-market requirements.

Another area of growth for the packaging market will be custom-designed substrates. As silicon becomes more complex, so does packaging. In our case, we can develop turnkey custom substrate-based assemblies -- from design to fabrication to packaging -- enabling higher-complexity package designs for customers.

We're actually already seeing this demand increase, and as 5G takes off, these and other areas, such as wafer thinning and dicing, will escalate as well. All of this bodes well for our customers, our business, and for the economy as a whole.

Ken Molitor, Chief Operating Officer