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January 29, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Jeanne Beacham, CEO, Delphon Industries
VIEWPOINT 2019: Jeanne Beacham, CEO, Delphon Industries
2018 came in strong but the Semiconductor industry was hit with many challenges. A number of large industry acquisitions, trade volatility including new sanctions and tariffs along with an unpredictable political climate and world economy - make 2019 a very difficult year to forecast.

Technology is a common thread that drives growth and profitability in our world. Delphon is focused on utilizing automation to drive cost reductions to assure we remain competitive. We are investing in new an IT platform in order to simplify, systemize and align our processes.

Our customers are also investing in new technologies and processes to improve efficiencies. To support them we are actively developing new products by leveraging our library of polymer materials and proprietary processes to help them meet their changing requirements.

During the coming year, we will be introducing new products utilizing our patented technology. Our goal is to expand into new markets, with a focus on aerospace, autonomous cars, flexible hybrid electronics (FHE), and the 5G rollout. Opportunities in these markets will continue to drive innovation in semiconductor packaging and the materials needed to meet new manufacturing processes across the industry.

Next year we will continue to see business models change and new markets develop and we will need to execute quickly to meet the market demands.

Jeanne Beacham, CEO
Delphon Industries