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January 8, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager, Nordson MARCH
VIEWPOINT 2019: Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager, Nordson MARCH
Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager, Nordson MARCH
While the outlook for 2019 may look hazy, the trends are clearly in autonomous vehicles, data processing/AI, and mobile computing, which will drive innovation in the semiconductor industry. Nordson MARCH will invest in our core plasma technology and bring to market advanced plasma systems that serve the industry's needs.

Laminate substrates and metal lead-frames represent the final packaging steps for most semiconductor devices. To maximize output, IDMs and OSATs are moving to wider strips. With wider strips, issues such as warpage, handling, and CoO resurface for current and new packaging systems.

Every equipment supplier will be tasked with matching the current output, while minimizing rework, damage, and cleanroom impacts. Trends towards increasing automation and reducing human involvement in production continue to build momentum and drive the Industry 4.0 movement. We are seeing industry leaders realize their long-term plans for automation and advanced manufacturing.

Nordson MARCH's new products will address our customers' needs in line with these trends. First is our FlexTRAK-SHS, combining the latest in high-reliability material handling and an evolution of our proven F3 plasma chamber, offering increased capacity and throughput. Also in development is a system that can integrate with OHT systems that are coming on line in the near future. In support of automation demands, we are developing software that gets closer to a true operator-less or "lights out" production environment that our customers envision a reality.

Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager
Nordson MARCH