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February 13, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Paul Lindner, Executive Technology Director, EV Group
VIEWPOINT 2018: Paul Lindner, Executive Technology Director, EV Group
Paul Lindner, Executive Technology Director, EV Group
While 2017 saw many significant developments in semiconductor advanced packaging, one in particular stood out - the increasing integration of optical sensors in consumer electronics.

3D sensing cameras have become a focus for creating more authentic virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) user experiences, while biometric sensors have become increasingly critical for security applications. Other optical sensors seeing wider adoption include environmental sensing, IR sensing and camera arrays, as well as advanced depth sensing to improve camera autofocus performance.

In the mobile phone market alone, more than a dozen types of sensors are being designed into next-generation smartphones, according to market research and strategy consulting firm Yole Développement. Furthermore, optical sensors will get smarter as more information is collected and needs to be processed.

While security relevant features will be processed in the application processor, modularization will be used for many other photonic sensors and even sensor hubs. While photonic packaging makes use of the standard semiconductor packaging infrastructure, several new processes are key in order to realize integrated photonic devices.

As a result, EV Group (EVG) has seen a significant increase in demand for its portfolio of manufacturing equipment and services supporting the manufacture of wafer-level optics and 3D sensing.

In particular, demand is growing for the EVG770 automated UV-NIL stepper for step-and-repeat master stamp fabrication, the IQ Aligner UV imprinting system for wafer-level lens molding and stacking, and the EVG40 NT automated measurement system for alignment verification. These wafer-level optics solutions are supported by the company's NILPhotonics Competence Center.

As we enter 2018, the adoption of more optical and 3D sensors in consumer electronics, as well as home, industrial and automotive applications, will only accelerate. As device manufacturers look to ramp up production on both current and future-generation sensors, EVG will be right there with them to support their process needs.

Paul Lindner, Executive Technology Director
EV Group