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February 12, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Prasad Dhond, VP and GM of Automotive, Amkor Technology, Inc.
VIEWPOINT 2018: Prasad Dhond, VP and GM of Automotive, Amkor Technology, Inc.
Prasad Dhond, VP and General Manager of Automotive, Amkor Technology, Inc.
Each day brings new headlines about self-driving and electric cars. These trends are driving strong growth in electronic content in cars. Amkor is an OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly & Test) partner to semiconductor companies supplying to Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers.

Wins in automotive applications are "sticky" and provide a stable volume base for 10+ years. Automotive suppliers must be able to offer support for these long lifecycle applications to ensure business continuity.

The "Multiplier Effect" is the main challenge in automotive semiconductor reliability. Even a 1 ppm (part per million) failure at the component level will translate to a 1% defect rate in the vehicle. For the highest reliability, we need Zero Defects. This challenge is even more pronounced with the rising electronic content in cars.

Suppliers to the automotive market must be able to address the "Multiplier Effect" with intelligent design techniques, higher integration, redundancy and intensive screening. From an OSAT perspective, achieving automotive certifications is a good start, but is really only the minimum requirement.

OSATs must implement automotive controls such as automotive designated machines and automotive certified operators. OSATs must also develop enhanced automotive material sets and process flows to achieve the highest levels of reliability. They must establish a reliable and high-quality supply chain. Finally, increased used of automation in the factories is essential to eliminate human error and minimize variation in production.

Amkor is the #1 automotive OSAT with several decades of experience and the capability to meet these stringent requirements. In 2018, we will grow our automotive revenue by providing best in class back-end manufacturing services to our customers.

Prasad Dhond, VP and General Manager of Automotive
Amkor Technology, Inc.