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February 7, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager, Nordson MARCH
VIEWPOINT 2018: Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager, Nordson MARCH
Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager, Nordson MARCH
Emerging semiconductor packaging trends and Nordson MARCH's automated plasma tool innovations

2017 was a record year for the semiconductor industry and Nordson MARCH took part in that trend. Now, we look to 2018 for what will affect the demand for plasma tools.

In the semiconductor packaging market, we see the mobile, wireless and memory segments continue to drive our product development efforts and focus. As these segments maintain their push towards higher package densities, the stacked die and package-on-package (PoP) technologies are demanding advanced material handling capabilities, in addition to best-in-class plasma process solutions.

Thinner and thinner substrates associated with these package technologies and the resulting warpage and sagging issues require careful consideration of both the plasma process as well as automation.

Complex wire-bonding schemes associated with stacked-die packages continue to drive customers away from manual handling to automated plasma tools, like our TRAK series. Efforts to reduce reliance on operators and improve productivity also call for integration of process tools with factory automation solutions, like overhead hoist transport (OHT) systems, becoming a requirement.

The long cycle times during wire-bonding are translating into requirements for plasma tools to incorporate material management solutions such as magazine splitting, in order to reduce staging times post-plasma process.

Nordson MARCH's product development efforts this year will focus on these trends as well as fanning out the applications-specific process technologies in our FasTRAK product to existing and new products in the TRAK series.

Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager
Nordson MARCH