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January 13, 2017

VIEWPOINT 2017: Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Platform Manager, Singulator®
VIEWPOINT 2017: Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Platform Manager, Singulator®
Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Platform Manager, Singulator®
Plasma-Therm® is a leading provider of advanced plasma processing equipment that has won "RANKED 1st" awards every year since 2012 from the VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Plasma-Therm systems perform critical process steps in the fabrication of integrated circuits, micro-mechanical devices, compound semiconductors, and other components of products ranging from consumer electronics to military systems and space satellites. Specifically, Plasma-Therm systems employ innovative plasma technology to etch and deposit thin films.

The acquisitions of Nano Etch Systems (NES) Inc. of California, a developer of ion beam etch (IBE) and ion beam deposition (IBD) systems, and Nanoplas, a developer of low-temperature, low-damage surface preparation and stripping systems, significantly expanded Plasma-Therm's portfolio in the etch and deposition business.

The superior performance of these systems, coupled with Plasma-Therm's award-winning customer service, make a compelling value proposition for manufacturers in data storage, MEMS, wireless, photonics, and other markets.

In 2016, Plasma-Therm reached an important milestone in serving the advanced packaging industry with the signing of a global distribution agreement with DISCO, the leader in Dicing, Grinding, and Polishing (Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku) technologies. Plasma-Therm's Singulator® plasma dicing platform delivers superior dicing quality, productivity and design freedom to the advanced packaging market.

The shipment of a 300mm Singulator® system to DISCO's R&D center in Tokyo in early 2017, along with increasing interest from OSATs and IDMs, demonstrates that the shift to plasma dicing technology is now underway.

Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Platform Manager