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February 8, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Sven Wedekin, VP-General Manager, GPD Global, Inc.
VIEWPOINT 2016: Sven Wedekin, VP-General Manager, GPD Global, Inc.
Sven Wedekin, VP-General Manager, GPD Global, Inc.
As a manufacturer of Precision Fluid Dispensing systems, automated, bench-top and pumps/valves, we continue to evolve our product line to stay in tune with customer requirements for deposition of materials. We are continually presented with applications across a broad spectrum of industries including consumer electronics, medical/bio-technology, semiconductor backend packaging/test, defense/space, automotive, industrial and several emerging technologies.

To support customer application processes, we have added resources in this area with both manpower and capital.

This emphasis will continue in 2016 to accommodate the many challenging projects we receive from all over the world and to provide a productive environment when customers visit to develop and finalize their process.

During 2015, we added square footage for our engineering group to develop new systems, pumps and software features. Our roadmap targets solutions for smaller volumes of fluid deposition in applications such as wafer-level packaging, microelectronics and MEMS/sensors. Flexibility in our company has remained a constant despite our growth. We continue to provide the custom requirements our client base demands in conjunction with our standard dispensing systems.

Our forecast for 2016 remains positive and we expect to exceed the percentage of growth we achieved in 2015.

Sven Wedekin, VP-General Manager
GPD Global, Inc.