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February 2, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Neil O'Brien, General Manger, Finetech
VIEWPOINT 2016: Neil O'Brien, General Manger, Finetech
Neil O'Brien, General Manger, Finetech
In preparation for 2016 and coming years, Finetech laid the groundwork in 2015 for our next generation of technology and launched the future of our manufacturing capability. We are now producing our die bonders from a newly constructed production and development center in Berlin, Germany. This strong commitment to Finetech's continued growth has allowed us to expand in R&D, product engineering, applications, and support staff.

Utilizing the new clean room facilities, our engineering team looks forward to a busy 2016 collaborating with customers on first article assembly projects and assisting in process development.

Demands for high precision packaging in 2.5D, 3D, VCSELs, high power lasers, sensing, and communications will continue to fuel our growth in 2016. We expect an increased trend toward silicon photonics and continued medical device innovation. Finetech has the process knowledge and precision equipment to meet these demands.

In 2016, Finetech is offering two new bonding platforms. The Sigma model combines sub-micron accuracy with a large working area in a semi-automatic system. It is ideal for all types of precision die bonding and chip to wafer level packaging, including complex 2.5D / 3D IC packages and high density sensor arrays.

Our patented vision system introduced on Sigma is now available on the new Femto 2 automated production bonder. With a placement accuracy of 0.5 um @ 3 sigma, the Femto 2 completes the product pathway where precision matters and allows customers to get from the R&D and prototype stage to production. As the year progresses, I look forward to announcing more exciting technology currently under development.

Neil O'Brien, General Manger