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January 20, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Luc Van den hove, President and CEO, imec
VIEWPOINT 2016: Luc Van den hove, President and CEO, imec
Luc Van den hove, President and CEO, imec
This year we celebrated 50 years of Moore's Law. As a true visionary, he described how electronic circuits would evolve, treating consumers to ever smaller devices, increased functionality and reduced cost.

Innovation in the electronic industry is still phenomenal. Today we are looking at new concepts such as 3D stacking, 3D integration of devices, but also completely new device concepts such as spin wave devices or innovations in terms of system design.

As an application area, the internet of things will remain important for many more years. In our programs we're trying to morph the internet of things towards an intuitive internet of things where we integrate much more intelligence at the sensor node.

We are developing very compact mm-wave radars (based on RF-CMOS) and intelligent air quality monitoring systems, just to name a few. I expect a lot of innovation too in the domain of the internet of health. In 2015, we integrated our multisensor platform into next-generation prototypes of smart watches, intelligent clothing and comfortable EEG headsets.

For 2016, we will further focus on making wearable devices more invisible, more comfortable to wear and especially: more accurate. They have to generate medical-quality data. Another area of future innovation is in the life science domain: we are utilizing the enormous miniaturization capability of chip technology to make next-generation diagnostic devices (DNA sequencers and cell sorters on a chip) and to integrate a full laboratory on a single chip.

From a business point of view, there is a lot of consolidation which of course results in the fact that there are fewer leading partners to work with. Still, 2015 was our best year ever with a revenue exceeding 400 million euro.

Focus is on improving our operational excellence and working on those aspects which are really crucial to companies we work with. On the other hand, there are also the new application domains such as the internet of things, the internet of health and the internet of power which open a whole new world of innovation and partnerships.

Luc Van den hove, President and CEO