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January 19, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Bruce Bolliger, head of sales & marketing, Element Six Tech.
VIEWPOINT 2016: Bruce Bolliger, head of sales & marketing, Element Six Tech.
Bruce Bolliger, head of sales and marketing, Element Six Technologies
In 2016 Element Six will continue to invest in a number of important applications for chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond, including thermal management of semiconductor devices, high power laser optics, attenuated total reflection (ATR) prisms and wastewater treatment. These efforts will include launching new products, as well as advancing existing technologies.

For example, while Element Six has already launched a series of CVD diamond heat spreaders, in 2016 we will continue our work developing an improved metallization configuration which reduces the thermal barrier resistance between the semiconductor device and heat spreader by 75 percent--thus optimizing thermal management in devices such as RF power amplifiers. Similarly, Element Six will continue investment in our ground-breaking GaN-on-diamond wafer technology to enable the next generation of GaN RF devices.

In 2016, there is uncertainty in regards to growth in the semiconductor market as a whole, however, GaN devices will certainly continue to grow rapidly in the year ahead. By offering superior thermal management CVD diamond solutions, Element Six will help accelerate GaN's penetration and share of markets including radar and electronic warfare for military and defense applications, cellular base stations and communication satellites.

Bruce Bolliger, head of sales and marketing
Element Six Technologies