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February 3, 2015

Werner Plötz, Head of Business Development, Muhlbauer Group
Werner Plötz, Head of Business Development, Muhlbauer Group
Werner Plotz, Head of Business Development, Muhlbauer Group
We stay in close communication with the OSATS as well as end customer to learn early about their needs and requirements. We continuously strive to discover new markets and provide innovative technologies in the high tech area.

We will introduce a new high speed packaging process for Flip Chip LED Production, which significantly lowers the packaging cost for LEDs. This technology is derived from Mühlbauer's high speed Die Sorting- and R2R RFID smart label production solutions, where we are leading the market for more than 15 years.

There is a general trend in the semiconductor industry to develop next generation chip packaging processes, which are more efficient and cost effective. Naturally the consideration of thinner and flexible substrates comes into play, where high speed R2R-manufacturing assembly will play an important role.

The constantly growing number in regards of connectivity (e.g. IoT, automotive), interactive devices (e.g. wearables), and new medical/pharma related applications, will continue to further drive the volumes for WLP type chips. This will demand faster and more efficient backend solutions to guarantee quality and cost competitiveness. Mühlbauer is ready and is looking forward to these challenges.

Werner Plötz, Head of Business Development
Muhlbauer Group