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January 31, 2014

Doug Goodman, CEO, Ridgetop Group, Inc.

Doug Goodman, CEO, Ridgetop Group, Inc.
Doug Goodman, CEO, Ridgetop Group, Inc.
As process geometries shrink further, process variations and drift issues compound the problems facing IC designers. For example, how are device lifetimes estimated for a 14nm FinFET? How can fabless semiconductor firms obtain fast NBTI data? How can I be assured that my design is centered against worst-case environmental conditions? Which foundry is better for my IC, foundry A or foundry B? Should I rely on the foundry Process Design Kit (PDK) for all my information?

The answer is that standard PDKs fall short in providing all information to provide a robust design. One size does not fit all. To obtain information beyond the PDK, the conventional approach would be to assemble a rack and stack instrument configuration, write some software, use temperature cycling chambers and wait months for results.

Ridgetop's differentiated approach with our ProChek Characterization System has rethought the entire parameter extraction process, in order to create a user-friendly, desktop instrument that provides statistically-sound samples of 32 to 1024 devices on a test coupon using the targeted IC foundry process. ProChek is differentiated from conventional approaches, and puts the power of information in the hands of the designer.

As our markets move fast, answers must come faster. Novel, unconventional products provide this required capability. Differentiated products give IC designers the edge!

Doug Goodman, CEO
Ridgetop Group, Inc.