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February 14, 2013

Tim Olson, President & CEO, Deca Technologies

Tim Olson, President & CEO, Deca Technologies
Tim Olson, President & CEO, Deca Technologies
A New Age is Upon Us. For decades, computers have driven the semiconductor market. Recently, we've embarked on a new age where we hold in our hands the force that shapes our industry. Cell phones -- especially the smart kind -- have become the dominant end market for all of us involved with semiconductors and associated electronic systems.

The implications are significant. Size has become a critical parameter alongside the classic drivers of performance and cost. Incredible functional integration has been achieved at the device level in today's advanced SOCs made possible through Moore's Law scaling. However, as system architects craft tomorrow’s new products, they face the hard, cold fact that electronic interconnect has failed to keep pace.

Electronic interconnect (EI) is perhaps best defined as the nervous system of an electronic appliance. EI includes both chip-level wiring to connect functional blocks and system level elements such as semiconductor packaging, surface mount technology and printed circuit boards which provide the pathways between semiconductors, sensors and other devices.

Enabling the products of tomorrow requires a breakthrough in EI. All the buzz around 2.5 and 3D technology is clearly aimed at the heart of the issue. Wafer level packaging (WLP) is another key example of extreme miniaturization in action for EI. For those of us involved today or those aspiring to become the interconnectologists of tomorrow, it's an exciting time.

At Deca Technologies, we've made it our mission to deliver the breakthroughs required in electronic interconnect; not only in the products and solutions we offer, but also in the way we design and manufacture. We look forward to working together to transform the imaginative power in our industry into the electronic products of tomorrow.

Tim Olson, President & CEO
Deca Technologies