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January 29, 2013

Bruce W. Hueners, CEO & President, Palomar Technologies
Bruce W. Hueners, CEO & President, Palomar Technologies
Bruce W. Hueners, CEO & President, Palomar Technologies
Looking forward to 2013, Palomar Technologies will continue to provide unmatched value as a complete product and service solution for micro/optoelectronic packaging coupled with precise knowledge of microelectronics material and assembly processes. With a balanced focus between both "on-shore" (U.S.) manufacturing and exporting, the company competes on the global stage, with more than 70% of final product being exported.

An expanded spare parts depot for APAC-customers and a growing training and demonstration lab in Singapore have further positioned Palomar Technologies to stay focused in 2013 on our Asian customers' increased demand for improved functionality and performance in advanced application and process development.

Our European customers have remained vigilant and continue to rely on our advanced packaging capabilities to grow their production facilities in efficient and cost-effective ways. In addition, our customers in the Americas gain the ability to prototype and develop precision processes and materials with a "near-source" OEM, utilizing highly skilled engineers and the most advanced process tools, reducing risk and shortening time-to-market for today's leading-edge applications.

Palomar Technologies will continue to provide service and support to customers around the globe with enhanced Field Service Support and expert Process Development Consulting solutions. These highly experienced teams enable customers to achieve maximized system uptime and optimal production throughput and quality, whether in an R&D laboratory or an automated production facility.

Bruce W. Hueners, CEO & President
Palomar Technologies