Chip Industry Week In Review

Japan's Rapidus, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and France's Leti, is working towards achieving its ambitious goal of mass-producing 2nm chips by 2027, followed by 1nm chips in the 2030s. Rapidus, established in 2022 with backing from influential Japanese firms like Sony, Toyota, and SoftBank, aims to revitalize the nation's electronics industry. Meanwhile, Microsoft is making significant strides in the custom silicon arena, unveiling two new chips tailored for its data centers. One chip focuses on AI tasks and generative AI, optimized for Azure hardware, while the other is an Arm-based processor designed for general-purpose compute workloads in the Microsoft Cloud, with deployment set to commence next year. This move mirrors similar efforts by major cloud players like Google, Meta, Amazon, and Alibaba in developing bespoke silicon.
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