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Feb 8, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Rosie Medina, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, QP Technologies
Once again, 2021 proved to be a challenging year. We are fortunate to have weathered the pandemic in terms of employee health; we experienced a low number of cases of COVID-19 within our workforce, none serious. Our corporate health has remained robust thanks to the efforts of our entire team. ...

Feb 7, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Mineto Nakajo, Country General Manager Comet Technologies Japan KK & Vice President Global Sales Yxlon International (interim)
After a tough 2020 due to the worldwide Corona pandemic, in 2021, we have been well on track for recovery. And we are looking forward to 2022, expecting even better results for the global Comet Group. Unfortunately, supply bottlenecks do not stop at Yxlon, but the group works hard to solve the situation. ...

Feb 4, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Marie-Josée Turgeon, General Manager, C2MI
As Winston Churchill once said: "Never let a good crisis go to waste." We might not be at the point where we are ready to reflect on the effects of the pandemic on our semiconductor and microelectronic industry since it is still quite affected by the shortages it’s been experiencing. However, we have learned a few very ...

Feb 3, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Dennis Chen, Global Business Director, Advanced Packaging Technologies, DuPont Electronics & Industrial
While things have developed in different ways across our regions in 2021, there's been one constant: Our teams around the world have shown great resilience in navigating yet another pandemic year. Our business has delivered strong growth, and we have shipped products steadily despite some supply ...

Feb 2, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Daniel Schultze, CEO, Tresky GmbH
In the past year, Tresky has pooled its resources to develop new products. In addition, full order books have made a good year from an economic point of view. We expected sales to remain steady or increase slightly in the coming year. At the same time, the corona pandemic has resulted in respect-inspiring deficits ...

Feb 1, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Ramachandran "Ram" K. Trichur, Global Market Segment Head, Henkel
In my 20 years in the semiconductor industry, I have never experienced such an intersection of demand drivers and workforce challenges as seen in late 2020 and throughout 2021. While automotive electrification, big data, mobile and 5G were all predicted to grow at a steady pace over the next several years ...

Jan 31, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Ben Mendoza, Vice President, Golden Altos
As a contract manufacturer for the military and aerospace industries, Golden Altos was deemed an essential business, allowing us to remain open by following strict protocol. We are fortunate to offer our employees whose job requirement does not designate them to be in office, the ability to work from home. ...

Jan 28, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Andy Behr, Technology Manager, Panasonic Electronic Materials
Panasonic Electronic Materials is a principal supplier of key IC packaging materials like semiconductor encapsulants and organic substrates. The industry faced unprecedented challenges in 2021 because of chip shortages, raw material availability, logistics issues and pandemic uncertainty. Our team worked ...

Jan 27, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: Stephen Rothrock, President & CEO, ATREG, Inc.
To mitigate the global chip shortage, semiconductor manufacturers have left no stone unturned to increase capacity. Existing fabs are running at over 100% and tools are constrained. Many 200mm users are buying 300mm fabs to calibrate them back to 90nm, .13, and .18 nodes. Within five years, the fab buyers' market ...

Jan 26, 2022
VIEWPOINT 2022: William Crockett Jr., VP Bonding Wire Sales The America's, Tanaka
During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, our business has remained strong with some product lines achieving record sales (ten-year tracking period). We have effectively balanced safeguarding the health of our employees and minimizing the impact on the delivery of services to our clients. ...

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