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Feb 9, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Matt Wilson, VP of Sales, Royce Instruments
2020 started out with more optimism than we had seen for several years, but we quickly saw the impact that Covid had on capital equipment decisions. As the pandemic wore on, we continued to see supply chains move and new opportunities come around. By mid-year a new normal had set in, and we have seen ...

Feb 8, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Ken Molitor, Chief Operating Officer, Quik-Pak
A key thing our industry has learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that the supply chain we've long taken for granted can be easily interrupted by many factors we ultimately cannot control. Overseas manufacturing, for example, is ripe with benefits but can grind tech companies' development and production to a halt ...

Feb 5, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Craig Frahm, Global Marketing Manager, EA Elektro-Automatik, Inc.
As the semiconductor industry begins to heat up in 2021, at least according to Semiconductor Industry Association’s optimistic forecasts device demand, test engineers are going to need to find new ways to cool down their power supplies. While in the past water-cooled power supplies were only available as part ...

Feb 4, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Jim Fraine, Director of Sales, North America, Marvin Test Solutions
Marvin Test Solutions looks forward to 2021 as a year of growth for our 5G mmWave semiconductor test line, after a solid start in 2020. The semiconductor world continues to evolve at a rapid pace. In 2020, the promise of 5G technology began to come into focus, with the first installations of the vast infrastructure ...

Feb 3, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Joseph Fjelstad, President and Founder, Verdant Electronics
Printing is demonstrably one of mankind's earliest innovations. Evidence can be found on the walls of the Chauvet cave in France where early humans demonstrated their grasp of both stencil printing (spraying pigment from their mouths against the backs of their hands flattened on cave walls) and transfer printing (by placing their ...

Feb 2, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Daniel Schultze, CEO, TRESKY Automation
First, we would like to thank our customers, employees, and business partners for mastering the serious change together with us. In 1Q20 the coronavirus deadlocked the whole world and showed us once again how essential the promotion of digitalization is. Without proper digitalization an appropriate communication ...

Feb 1, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Asif R. Chowdhury, Senior Vice President, UTAC Group
While COVID19 has played havoc around the world, surprisingly it had some unintended and perhaps unforeseen, positive consequences for some of the key sectors of the semiconductor market. As companies implemented 'working from home' policy for better part of 2020, which is still being continued ...

Jan 29, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Varun Singh, Product Line Manager, Carrier Solutions, Corning Incorporated
With the trend of thinner, more compact devices, wafers of different semiconductor materials from the front-end-of-line (FEOL) often need to be back-grinded to a thickness of <100 um and packaged using technologies such as heterogenous integration. For such applications, glass as a carrier can provide ...

Jan 28, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Anika Baumhauer, International Strategy & Sales Manager, SONOTEC GmbH
Looking back to 2020, the year certainly leaves us with mixed feelings. Even more so, because we don’t know yet what to expect from 2021. On a professional level, however, SONOTEC GmbH managed to handle the situation very well, adapting fast to the new challenges we were exposed to. Talking in specific about ...

Jan 27, 2021
VIEWPOINT 2021: Casey Krawiec Vice President of Global Sales StratEdge Corporation
As a company that specializes in the design, production, and assembly of high-frequency and high-power semiconductor packages for microwave, millimeter wave, and high-speed digital devices, especially those used in military, defense, and aerospace applications, StratEdge has essential service designation. As such ...

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