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Feb 15, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Dr. Dev Gupta, CTO, APSTL
As the space between adjacent dies in 2-d and or 2.5 d has shrunk from several millimeters to barely a millimeter, the ability to reduce Packaging Parasitics (key to Improving Bandwidth and Power Efficiency to Transfer Data between dies) has pretty much saturated. Now the inter die Interconnect Length ...

Feb 14, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Bob LePage, Marketing Manager, Circuit Technology Center
We are pleased to report that 2022 was yet another exceptional year of expansion and growth for Circuit Technology Center. The company continued to make significant investments in top-of-the-line equipment, human capital, our facility, and operational efficiencies. Customer demand for our high-reliability component tinning ...

Feb 13, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Michael Dube, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering, Rochester Electronics, LLC
2022 has been an interesting year for the semiconductor industry. While the forecast for global industry growth was revised downwards several times from an initial 10%, the consensus is that overall annual growth was in the range of 4%, bringing the total industry size close to $600 Billion. The future presents numerous challenges ...

Feb 10, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Dr. Alfred Zinn, President & CTO, Kuprion Inc.
Over the last few years, the electronics industry has gone through a major paradigm shift as Moore's law has plateaued and ultimately been laid to rest with the last ITRS edition published in 2016. Starting with the 22 nm CMOS node the increased process complexities raised the cost per transistor despite being able to cram ...

Feb 9, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Andy Behr, Technology Manager, Panasonic Electronic Materials
2022 was a busy year for Panasonic Electronic Materials. Our business managed through unprecedented demand volatility as the electronics industry (and the world writ large) continued its uneven pandemic recovery. While some customers, markets and regions were softer than anticipated others exceeded ...

Feb 8, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Christian Buske, CEO, Plasmatreat GmbH
Business went really well in 2022. Most likely, it will be our record year in turnover. For 2023 we expect some of our customers' industries to slow down investments due to declining consumer demands and the uncertainties of this time. Luckily, our technology can be used in a variety of industries and application ...

Feb 7, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Daniel Schultze, General Manager, Tresky Automation
All in all, it was a good year in 2022. Of course, the global challenges also had an impact on our business, causing a slight fluctuation throughout the year. But we are very satisfied and expect a similarly successful year in 2023. Will you be launching new products or services in 2023? Yes, of course we will continue ...

Feb 6, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Christopher Morath, Chief Operating Officer, Heller Industries, Inc.
In 2022 Heller's business reached a near-record level for Electronics Assembly and hit a record for Semiconductor packaging. During this very high demand, our exceptional operations team was able to mitigate the Shanghai COVID lockdown of Q2 by shifting production to Korea and ramping China production in a closed-loop ...

Feb 3, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: Florian Schildein, CEO, Butter and Salt GmbH
The year 2022 was very successful for us, we not only grew our team but also gained many new clients, which was also reflected in our revenue. Digital marketing is becoming more and more important with our clients, so we expect this trend to continue next year. We have some projects for 2023 that will be realised. ...

Feb 2, 2023
VIEWPOINT 2023: John Ghekiere, VP, Product & Technology, ClassOne Technology
We were highly encouraged by the passage of the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act, which appears poised to magnify the impact of the committed funding and genuinely foster growth. One notable economic benefit will be growth in the high-wage jobs typical of this industry – accelerating an already steeply rising need ...

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