March 1, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: Rich DePoto, Business Development Manager, Uyemura

VIEWPOINT 2024: Rich DePoto, Business Development Manager, Uyemura
Rich DePoto, Business Development Manager, Uyemura
Uyemura's "Technology Roadmap" for 2024 focuses on the 4 key factors driving our PCB and semiconductor customers. These are: high-density component footprints with lines and spaces less than 20 microns; an increasing need for processes tailored to higher frequency circuit designs; greater demand for products that are compatible with higher operating temperatures, and harsh environment reliability over time.

Our Japan and Connecticut-based Tech Centers have worked hard to develop, enhance and position products that meet these requirements. Our latest generation ENEPIG/ENEPAG processes, both of which feature RAIG (Reduction Assisted Immersion Gold) produce the most reliable final finishes for newer, complex assembly processes, including selective applications and wire bonding.

Our nickel-free products, EPIG, EPAG and IGEPIG, are also expected to have a strong year, particularly when complemented with our low-porosity RAIG process. Together, they produce the industry’s highest reliability options.
Finally, as high density and ultra-high density designs, including IC substrates, become more commonplace, etching and differential etching requirements for mSAP and SAP are taking center stage.

This technology progression plays to our strength and experience, thanks in part to our MEC line of specialty products, with highlights including MEC adhesion promoters and MEC surface finishing processes.

Rich DePoto, Business Development Manager
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