February 29, 2024

VIEWPOINT 2024: Joshua Yoo, President, Core Insight, Inc.

VIEWPOINT 2024: Joshua Yoo, President, Core Insight, Inc.
Joshua Yoo, President, Core Insight, Inc.
Starting 2024, semiconductor related business could continue to grow in next couple of years. There are 42 new semiconductor fab start operations in 2024. There are more semiconductor fab projects running in US, Europe, Japan and China. In 2024, we may be able to see a mass production stream start of advanced package device in globally that will start in Taiwan, US and Korea.

Advanced package device will have excellent speed of operation and will be adopted to many applications such as AI and High-Performance Computing (HPC) for computer-generated imagery (CGI), AR/VR, rapid cancer diagnosis, automotive, robot and beauty industry etc.

These device operation bandwidths are already 200 Gb/s to 900 Gb/s ranges and due to its speed, such a device’s finished CDM ESD sensitivity levels are 125V or lowering which are very challenging to get good devices due to current mass production line capabilities are 200V or above. These advanced package devices are needed to safely handle 30V level of sensitivity at micro-bumping and 5V or 3V level of hybrid bonding processes.

CDM ESD control is challenging due to lack of understanding and automation process. Many of process owner simply believe their most of process tool are designed to meet CDM ESD control, but actually it is not, and each tool needs to qualify before it starts mass production and on-going management.

Also, it is not simple to control CDM ESD in production. When you ground 50V sensitive device then what happen? This is an example of ESD event and may give a damage to the device. We should dissipate its energy as slow as possible not in a couple of nano-second but within milliseconds. Otherwise, we need to neutralize charge on device and have metal-to-metal contact when it became lower than a threshold level or minimize potential difference.

Ionization system makes several things; clearly it makes pair of ions, ozone and electric field. AC ionization technology using thousands of volts of switching technology, makes more ozone and high electric field which is a risk of CDM ESD damage. Core Insight's QuadPoint® Steady-State DC ionization technology using constant voltage with 4 emitter points on single nozzle that cancelled electric field less than an inch and can use 5V or below device handling.

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Joshua Yoo, President
Core Insight, Inc.
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