Viewpoint - Akihiko Hamada
February 27, 2023

VIEWPOINT 2023: Akihiko Hamada, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL

VIEWPOINT 2023: Akihiko Hamada, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL
Akihiko Hamada, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL
2022 was yet another year full of changes and challenges. The ongoing issues arising from COVID-19, the escalation of the Ukrainian/Russian conflict and the unstable global economy have led to more large-scale change.

As with many other companies within the semiconductor industry, Nidec SV TCL needed to adapt accordingly in order to navigate through these uncertain times. As a company it was necessary to strengthen both our system and response capabilities so that we could faster respond to these changes.

In 2022, one of the biggest changes our company experienced was the reorganization of our management team. Last April, I was appointed President & CEO after the departure of my predecessor, while Engineering and Sales also experienced major management changes. These shifts were very challenging, but we are currently rebuilding these management teams and are looking forward to once again having a strong group in place to better serve all our customers.

Our strategy for 2023 is to continue the ongoing development of our unique MEMS-based probe card products and are planning to launch next-generation MEMS testing solutions for both CMOS Image Sensors and LCD Driver applications. In addition, we are rapidly expanding our in-house manufacturing capabilities for probe card components such as MLO space transformers and probes for high temperature operations.

Our plan also includes a capital equipment expansion that includes analyzers and automation tools. However, our focus on improving product quality, performance and lead time remains unchanged.

A new year gives us all an opportunity to refresh our business outlook. We will never stop innovating, creating and improving core technologies for new IC applications and acquiring critical capex to improve every step of our process. One of our priorities is that we align your expectations with our innovative technologies.

Our most important goal is to supply customers quality products at the best possible value. In 2023, we look forward to helping our customers bring reliable, efficient IC devices to market.

All of us here at Nidec SV TCL wish you and your family a happy and prosperous 2023!

Akihiko Hamada, President & CEO
Nidec SV TCL
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