Viewpoint - Ross Berntson
February 16, 2022

VIEWPOINT 2022: Ross Berntson, President & COO, Indium Corporation

VIEWPOINT 2022: Ross Berntson, President & COO, Indium Corporation
Ross Berntson, President & COO, Indium Corporation
Was your business able to recover fully or partially from the global pandemic during 2021? Do you still have employees working from home?

We planned and prepared for a major downturn but only experienced relatively minor issues. We have fully recovered from most issues and are performing quite well at this time.

Our approach to working from home is all about trying to find the right balance. Some people work from home as their functions allow, but we still value people meeting face to face—as we do with our customers. Those connections matter.

Has your company been affected by the inventory shortages of semiconductor equipment, process materials, or capacity in 2021? Are you able to hire enough qualified employees?

We've seen the impact of inventory shortages in customer demands and in their expectations of us to be nimble and flexible. Our factories have addressed this in the way we service our customers.

We've been able to secure wonderful employees through our award-winning internship program, our global network, and our corporate values. We believe in developing our own talent by giving our employees training and education to help them succeed and advance.

What are your expectations for the semiconductor and microelectronics industry in 2022?

We expect to see demands for novel thermal interface materials rise—whether indium-based, liquid metal, or hybrid—at the package and system levels as miniaturization continues and power demands grow. This is also the first year we're going to see a high-Pb replacement material come onto the market. It's still solder, a drop-in alternative which can still create a reliable joint, and perform similar or better than the current high-Pb solder... but with the benefits of being completely Pb-free. This is a great interest for the industry! We'll also be debuting Durafuse™ HT, a new high-lead replacement technology that's particularly exciting for the semiconductor power discrete die-attach industry.

Have you or will you travel again to customer sites or industry conferences in 2022?

We certainly have, and we will continue to be at industry conferences in 2022! We are excited for the opportunity to meet our industry colleagues and friends face to face at conferences around the world as the year unfolds.

Ross Berntson, President & COO
Indium Corporation
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