Viewpoint - Raymond W. Grimm
February 11, 2022

VIEWPOINT 2022: Raymond W. Grimm, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL

VIEWPOINT 2022: Raymond W. Grimm, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL
Raymond W. Grimm, President & CEO, Nidec SV TCL
From pandemic worries to supply chain issues, 2021 was a year filled with many unknowns and a few surprises, both good and bad. Last year was challenging, and as with many other semiconductor equipment suppliers, our company faced its own share of obstacles. However, due to the explosive growth within the IC industry, Nidec SV TCL was also fortunate to experience very robust demand for our new products. Throughout the year's ups and downs, we took one day at a time, navigated through the complex issues and are now looking forward to 2022.

Although the pandemic caused more than a few disruptions, Nidec SV TCL was able to get back to near-normal operations late in the year. Our first and foremost priority was keeping all our employees safe and healthy, so we continued our COVID safety protocols. Secondly, we needed to ensure that our product quality and delivery did not falter. We worked extremely hard to accomplish all of this, while at the same time keeping focus on the pursuit of our product development objectives, specifically the progress on our MEMSFlex™ MEMS-based probe card products.

Unfortunately, the supply chain issues did cause the company some headaches in 2021, but these setbacks only reinforced our resolve to produce more materials internally. To help relieve some of these problems in the future, we have built up our capabilities for in-house MLO/MLC manufacturing and acquired much-needed equipment such as new CNCs, flying probe testers, and laser drill machines. In addition, we now have a proprietary automated assembly tool, with the capability to populate full probe heads, saving customer time and costs. We are also hiring more semiconductor test experts and strengthening our quality management team worldwide.

For us as a company to achieve all we have done this year, a strong team needed to be in place, and we were fortunate to have exactly that. Nidec SV TCL employees showed tremendous resilience not only in 2021, but throughout this entire pandemic. Our employees are the backbone of our company and have continued to be a dedicated group of professionals, we cannot thank them enough.

In 2022, we expect that the IC equipment industry will remain on the upswing, especially the test hardware sector. We remain cautiously optimistic, as supply chain issues are still causing bottlenecks and uncertainty persists due to new COVID variants. We plan to continue development upon our MEMSFlex™ product line and work on securing new business. Nidec SV TCL's many efforts to improve our products, procedures and processes has given us a healthy head start for success in 2022!

Raymond W. Grimm, President & CEO
Nidec SV TCL
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