Viewpoint - Rezwan Lateef
February 15, 2022

VIEWPOINT 2022: Rezwan Lateef, President, YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)

VIEWPOINT 2022: Rezwan Lateef, President, YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)
Rezwan Lateef, President, YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)
The coming generations of mobile & edge computing, cloud computing, and distributed high-performance computing will require heterogenous chip integration.

To stay ahead of the technology curve, we at YES work in close partnership with our installed base of semiconductor industry leaders, ensuring that our products meet their demanding performance and scaling requirements while also meeting stringent technical specifications for speed, bandwidth, power delivery, and thermal management.

We are working on issues such as solder reflow in reducing environments for small pitch BGA, while also making sure our panel-based VertaCure™ and VertaBond™ systems address the unique surface enhancement needs of larger high-density laminate and glass-based substrates.

In addition, we recently acquired Semiconductor Process Equipment Corporation (SPEC) of Valencia, CA — a highly-regarded manufacturer of wet processing equipment. SPEC's high-volume electroless plating systems for under-bump metallization, along with their decades of expertise in critical advanced packaging technologies like electrolytic plating, will enable YES to maintain our leadership in enhancing surfaces and materials for our customers’ applications.

We predict that chip-to-chip interconnects, performance, form factor, and power delivery demands will continue to drive the adoption of RDL-based solutions, and we look forward to meeting the challenges of this exciting era for advanced packaging.

Rezwan Lateef, President
YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)
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