Viewpoint - Ramakanth Alapati
March 1, 2021

VIEWPOINT 2021: Ramakanth Alapati, CEO, YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)

VIEWPOINT 2021: Ramakanth Alapati, CEO, YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)
Ramakanth Alapati, CEO, YES (Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.)
Worldwide, we are seeing good momentum for our clean, coat and cure equipment, as well as for our services offerings. The climate of business uncertainty triggered by the pandemic still exists, but at YES we have found ways to work effectively while still remaining vigilant with regard to COVID. With the long-anticipated arrival of a vaccine and continued observance of precautionary measures, we are hopeful that the global business cycle will rebound as the threat of the virus recedes.

We expect 2021 to bring a continuation of changes in the Advanced Packaging and Optical/Life Science sectors that favor YES technology. Demand is growing for heterogeneous solutions and substrate-less packaging. The consolidation that is occurring among fabless companies is driving a new class of products that require advanced packaging capabilities. This in turn is driving foundries and OSATs to build and upgrade capacity – which is good news for YES.

In Life Science, a significant COVID-driven uptick in POC diagnostics is bringing new applications, faster diagnosis, and strong demand for our monolayer coating and plasma cleaning products.

In the optical coatings and display segments, microLED and OLED applications, we see new products coming in the next 3-5 years that will give rise to new capex cycles in those industries.

YES participates in all these exciting, growing markets and continues to outperform general market growth. 2019-2020 was a fast ramp for us; at this point, it’s looking like 2020-2021 will be faster still.

Ramakanth Alapati, CEO
Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.
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