Viewpoint - Ramachandran “Ram” K. Trichur
February 22, 2021

VIEWPOINT 2021: Ramachandran "Ram" K. Trichur, Global Market Segment Head, Henkel

VIEWPOINT 2021: Ramachandran
Ramachandran "Ram" K. Trichur, Global Market Segment Head, Henkel
With substantial production volumes in the semiconductor industry at the start of 2020, the onset of COVID restrictions saw the sector turning its attention to securing supply chains and optimizing inventory levels to ensure business continuity.

Most growth segments for semiconductor packaging maintained strong demand throughout 2020, with mobile computing and data center applications leading the pack. If anything, last year's events illuminated the indispensability of electronics in our connected infrastructure as the global workforce swiftly moved to digitally-focused models.

For 2021, Henkel sees continued growth in semiconductor packaging materials used for mobile handsets and 5G telecom infrastructure as large telecom and electronics manufacturers ramp up volumes for sub-6GHz 5G and mmWave 5G base stations and mobile devices. We also anticipate continued momentum for datacenter chipsets to support capacity expansions for high-performance computing and network devices. And, the automotive segment appears to be on the upswing in 2021, though recent chip shortages have put a damper on a quick ramp.

All of this is good news for semiconductor demand and aligns with Henkel's material development initiatives. For high-performance computing and mobile/5G applications, Henkel's innovation teams are enabling advanced packaging solutions like underfills, lid/stiffener attach materials, and liquid compression molding materials.

These material innovations support advanced flip-chip, 2.5D/3D integration, and wafer-level packaging processes to address complex packaging challenges, including stress, warpage, and reliability. For automotive applications, we are focusing our innovation efforts to address the continued need for high thermal and high-reliability die attach materials in paste and film formats for increasingly demanding package standards in the automotive sector.

Semiconductor technology has proven its necessity and resilience; our global teams anticipate healthy business demand in the coming year.

Ramachandran “Ram” K. Trichur, Global Market Segment Head, Semiconductor Packaging Materials
Henkel Corporation
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