Viewpoint - Stephen Hiebert
February 15, 2021

VIEWPOINT 2021: Stephen Hiebert, Sr. Director of Marketing, KLA Corporation

VIEWPOINT 2021: Stephen Hiebert, Sr. Director of Marketing, KLA Corporation
Stephen Hiebert, Sr. Director of Marketing, KLA Corporation
While 2020 undoubtedly presented unique challenges, we saw examples of tremendous resilience throughout the semiconductor industry. IDMs, foundries, and OSATs continued their development efforts and successfully introduced new advanced packaging technologies.

Capital equipment companies drove hard to continue meeting customer requirements for innovative solutions to solve manufacturing challenges and on-time tool deliveries. Here at KLA, we launched three new process control products to address increasing demands in packaging – the Kronos™ 1190 wafer inspector, the ICOS™ F160XP die sorter and inspector, and the ICOS™ T3/T7 packaged IC component inspector.

Overall semiconductor packaging should see strong growth in 2021 as semiconductors continue to be key enablers of the "data" era. This data era is driven by megatrends like 5G and AI, spanning multiple end industries including mobile, data center, automotive, and health care.

From a technology perspective, 2021 will see accelerated development and deployment of new advanced packaging schemes, especially around heterogenous integration. Advanced packaging processes will increasingly look like front-end wafer fab processes. Critical dimensions will get smaller, interconnect densities will get higher, cleanrooms will get cleaner and more automated, and both defect and parametric control will become paramount.

KLA is looking forward to an exciting 2021 where we will continue to engage closely with our customers and drive technical innovations to address the packaging industry's greatest challenges.

Stephen Hiebert, Sr. Director of Marketing
KLA Corporation
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