Viewpoint - Brian Schmaltz
January 5, 2021

VIEWPOINT 2021: Brian Schmaltz, National Sales Manager, NAMICS Corporation

VIEWPOINT 2021: Brian Schmaltz, National Sales Manager, NAMICS Corporation
Brian Schmaltz, National Sales Manager, NAMICS Corporation
2020 was a year for the books, amid a Global Pandemic the world hit an inflection point and the ability to correspond via technology became essential. Think now of how many options one has to communicate via the internet then prior years.

The electronics industry continues to expand and opportunities are far larger than most realize. To a yottabyte and beyond; 2021 will continue to see the expansion of the market place due to new markets being implemented within the Internet of Things (IOT) framework.

I expect to see continued growth within the next three years within; Gaming (PS5, Xbox X, Switch 2), Automotive, AR/VR, Cryptocurrency, Household, Medical, and Data Center (Cloud) markets will continue to grow with the emphasis being on security and safety of data acquisition, storage, and use.

A continued trend to smaller, lighter, longer life portable electronics with faster communication to encrypted data centers which will continuously accumulate infinite amounts of information. Data acquisition and processing will be the driving factor for years to come.

2020 was a challenge to NAMICS Corporation as well. We quickly pivoted to ensure no disruption to our quality or supply chain, while in parallel, ensuring safety of our customers and team members was our number one priority. NAMICS Corporation will continue to offer cutting edge materials to support maximum reliability & performance while maintaining excellent manufacturability for high volume processing. We look forward to advancement into 2021 with everyone.

Brian Schmaltz, National Sales Manager
NAMICS Corporation
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