Viewpoint - Neil O’Brien
February 26, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Neil O'Brien, General Manager and COO, Finetech

VIEWPOINT 2020: Neil O'Brien, General Manager and COO, Finetech
Neil O’Brien, General Manager and COO, Finetech
As we enter 2020, there are many emerging technologies that when combined, should continue to fuel growth in the advanced packaging world. As a supplier of die bonding solutions to academia, R&D, defense, and commercial production, Finetech has a unique view of the most exciting technologies coming to market. Some will outpace others, but certainly photonics technology is behind much of it.

The 2020 forecast from SPIE predicts the core photonics market to reach $328 billion in 2020 (7.9% CAGR). This includes not just lighting, but other markets such as LIDAR, AR/VR, 5G telecom, multi-gigabit datacom, quantum, medical, and displays. We see photonics technology changing and evolving to address these packaging demands.

Finetech will meet these needs by combining process flexibility, high precision and speed. From an R&D concept, to prototype, to production, we have solutions along this pathway. In 2019, we introduced our next generation Lambda2 bonder to make the transition from sub-micron bonding in the lab to production easier than ever before. Our Femto2 automated die bonder gives these emerging markets a solution for flexible production, combined with world leading accuracy of 0.3µm at 3 sigma. Our high speed XT6003 provides multi-device bonding over a large working area.

Certainly, these emerging technologies present manufacturing challenges. Moving into 2020, we have continued to expand our application and support organization to help end users with those challenges. Companies need to optimize yield and get to market quickly. Having this depth of process knowledge within Finetech allows for a close collaboration with our customers far beyond the installation. That will be needed more than ever in 2020 and beyond.

Neil O’Brien, General Manager and COO
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