Viewpoint - Marco Notarianni, Ph.D.
January 9, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Process Engineering Manager, Plasma-Therm LLC

VIEWPOINT 2020: Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Process Engineering Manager, Plasma-Therm LLC
Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Process Engineering Manager, Plasma-Therm LLC
2019 has been another busy year for Plasma-Therm, despite an overall slowdown in the semiconductor market due to various geopolitical instabilities. Over the last couple of years, we have enhanced our product portfolio through strategic technology acquisitions. Based on the diverse orders we have received in 2019, that strategy is proving to be especially successful.

The acquisition of KOBUS™ and its Fast Atomic Sequential Technology (F.A.S.T®), for example, has generated significant interest as a viable, cost-effective alternative for traditional ALD applications. This has led to orders from several leading semiconductor companies in LED and wafer-manufacturing markets, and from multiple research institutes, which underscores the value of F.A.S.T technology for the quality of the deposited films and for the higher throughput it provides.

Products from Corial™ in Grenoble, France (acquired in 2018) and Advanced Vacuum™ have been performing extremely well, leading to year-on-year growth and increased market penetration. This success indicates that the R&D market is still very active, and is continuing to acquire systems that are able to perform a variety of processes on the same platform.

The EuroPAT MASiP project is progressing within the project timeline, utilizing the Singulator® MDS-300™ platform installed in our facility in Grenoble. Meanwhile, our global distributor for plasma dicing equipment worldwide, DISCO Corp., received an important order for a Singulator MDS-100™ system from a large manufacturer of power devices in Asia.

We are expecting additional Singulator orders in 2020, as more device manufacturers recognize plasma dicing as an essential technology when throughput and die quality are of the highest importance.

Plasma-Therm also saw significant growth in 2019 in sales of our HDRF™ (High-Density Radical Flux) plasma systems, which provide economical, low-temperature polymer removal and low-damage surface treatment as required in the manufacture of MEMS devices. Our Pinnacle IBE™ and IBD™ (Ion Beam Etch and Ion Beam Deposition) platforms are being extensively explored by potential customers in both the MEMS and Wireless 5G markets.

Looking forward to 2020, we see our diversified strategy fueling continued growth, as more of our field-proven solutions are adopted to solve the problems of advanced manufacturing for next-generation devices in telecommunications, augmented and virtual reality, and the continued evolution of materials used in next-generation power devices.

Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Process Engineering Manager
Plasma-Therm LLC
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