Viewpoint - Ken MacWilliams
January 2, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Ken MacWilliams, CEO, Yield Engineering

VIEWPOINT 2020: Ken MacWilliams, CEO, Yield Engineering
Ken MacWilliams, CEO, Yield Engineering
While the packaging industry was flat to down over the past year, looking forward to 2020, I believe we can expect to see an impressive upswing in the market given the growing demand for new applications like 5G, artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), and autonomous vehicles.

The reality is that advanced packaging is at the heart of these new applications, enabling the extension of Moore's Law, which in turn benefits everything from the performance of a data center right down to the form, fit, function of a very small IoT device.

Within the market, we’ll continue to see interesting, exciting developments happening in wafer-based packaging. In addition, we’re seeing panel-based packaging -- something that the industry has talked about for the last five to 10 years -- become a reality now with a number of big companies such as Intel and Samsung discussing their work on this front.

As the advanced packaging that was once unique to the iPhone becomes more mainstream, the industry will also continue to benefit from new automated technology that brings higher quality and reliability with processes that can be done faster and at a lower cost. For example, in the emerging autonomous vehicle market, reliability and quality are not simply a nice-to-have but a matter of personal safety.

The good news is that the technology developments in advanced packaging available today already have the potential to help leading auto manufacturers advance autonomous vehicle application development faster and more cost-effectively--without impacting quality or risking reliability.

While we may continue to see headlines like, “Is Moore's Law dead or not?”, we believe it will remain vibrant in the packaging space. And, over the next decade, the biggest improvements in semiconductor performance – lower cost, smaller volume, higher speeds -- will be driven by packaging, which will in turn emerge as the star of the show.

Ken MacWilliams, CEO
Yield Engineering
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