Viewpoint - Tom Haley
January 22, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Tom Haley, North American Sales Manager, XYZTEC

VIEWPOINT 2019: Tom Haley, North American Sales Manager, XYZTEC
Tom Haley, North American Sales Manager, XYZTEC
The demand for Bond Testing continues to increase.

Yield and reliability costs are directly related to the bond quality of millions of interconnects. The relationship between bond quality and its mechanical Bond Strength will always be one of our most informative tests.

XYZTEC is focused on market drivers like Mobile Communications, IoT, Fan-out, 2.5 & 3D, Artificial Intelligence, Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy. These technologies challenge bond testing with, smaller geometries, need for larger sample sizes, higher test forces and operator free testing.

XYZTEC is responding to these industry changes by increasing micron level tool alignment precision, expanding test area distances beyond 1 meter, increasing test forces up to 1000kgf, and developing sample traverse speeds up to 1 meter/sec. XYZTEC will continue to enhance or full automation capability including systems with auto load/unload functionality.

The need for, and development of, conventional "Bench Top" bond testers remains a high priority but many of the emerging requirements are best met by our next generation "Floor Mounted" systems. The initial design accommodated large wafers. Further developments now include, Panel-Level Fan-Out, Power Device and Battery applications. In the tradition of all XYZTEC equipment, we will continue to design our solutions with considerable flexibility to suite what technology might yet emerge.

XYZTEC continues to respond to the ever-changing world of technology. We remain 100% focused on developing state of the art bond test systems for military, medical, aerospace, automotive and commercial markets.

Tom Haley, North American Sales Manager
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