Viewpoint - Marco Notarianni, Ph.D.
February 1, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Platform Manager, Singulator®,

VIEWPOINT 2018: Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Platform Manager, Singulator®, <br>Plasma-Therm
VIEWPOINT 2018: Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Platform Manager, Singulator°, Plasma-Therm
Plasma-Therm is a leading provider of advanced plasma processing equipment whose products and services have been recognized throughout its 40-plus year history by multiple honors, including 37 awards in the global Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted annually by VLSIresearch.

We anticipate an especially exciting year ahead, particularly in meeting the challenges and opportunities of the expanding advanced-packaging market. Continuing demand for thinner devices with high reliability requirements is driving advanced-packaging factories to implement the most productive solution, plasma die singulation (plasma dicing).

This technology, which Plasma-Therm co-developed and began delivering in 2013, has shown numerous advantages that meet the challenges of advanced packaging.

Over the last year, Plasma-Therm has strengthened its collaboration, initiated in 2016, with global leader DISCO Corp. by installing 300mm and 200mm Singulator® MDS™ plasma-dicing systems in the DISCO R&D center in Tokyo. This has significantly increased demo capabilities and R&D opportunities for customers in Asia, the focus of expansion in the advanced-packaging market.

Plasma-Therm also broadened its solution portfolio in 2017 by partnering with two key players, Trymax™ and Memsstar™, to facilitate dry cleaning and release processes, providing complementary solutions for our served markets.

Also in 2017, Plasma-Therm completed the productization of High Density Radical Flux (HDRF)™ plasma solutions to deliver economical, low-temperature polymer removal and low-damage surface treatment. Plasma-Therm also launched the Pinnacle IBE™ and Pinnacle IBD™ Ion Beam Etch and Deposition platforms, providing proven technology solutions for disk-drive and semiconductor markets. In its first year of availability, Plasma-Therm booked multiple orders for both systems for delivery to customers in 2018.

We look forward to meeting new challenges in the year ahead, continuing to develop technology solutions that help keep our customers in the high-technology vanguard.

Marco Notarianni, Ph.D., Platform Manager, Singulator®
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