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April 24, 2013

IPC ESTC Presenting the Titans of the Industry

IPC ESTC Presenting the Titans of the Industry
The IPC Electronic System Technologies Conference and Exhibition (ESTC), which spans the entire spectrum of the electronics industry, will be held at the New Tropicana, Las Vegas, Nevada, May 20-23, 2013. A review of the show web site at www.ipc.org/estc shows the well-known names and companies coming together at this inaugural event.

The electronics industry is not the same today as what it used to be even 10 years ago. Gadgets like GPS, pagers, cell phones, and MP3 players have been combined into cell phones and tablets; laptops evolved into ultrabooks; and CRT TVs evolved into ultra-slim, smart and HD TVs. In this industry where there is ongoing integration, restructuring, cost reduction, and no shortage of change, silos are breaking down and engineers are finding themselves interacting with many aspects of the industry, from foundry to design to surface mount. It has become vital to have a holistic view of the industry for product development, innovation, sales growth, and professional development.

The more complex systems get, the more subtle changes in the design of one section can alter performance in other areas. Similarly, small changes in component selection and layout can make it easier to manufacture and test a module. Getting all parts of the electronics industry together in an annual event can open up new horizons, ideas and contacts which can help resolve the calcified issues that develop in silos.

Companies realize the need to alter their development processes to take a systems-wide view, but making these changes can be difficult. IPC is responding to this need with an end-to-end event to bring the entire industry together. "IPC ESTC is not just bringing the supply chain together -- this event is bringing together supply and demand," says Sanjay Huprikar, IPC's vice president of member success. "We believe this can facilitate a more thorough assessment of new products and services."

IPC ESTC Presenting the Titans of the Industry

This approach is receiving enthusiastic support from the industry even in the first year of IPC's ESTC, as is evident from the number of technical presentations, exhibitors, and sponsors. Several companies are sponsoring workshops, receptions, refreshments, and even a conference polo shirt to have their names visible at this key gathering. Three of the top four outsourced assembly and test providers (OSATs) are prominently involved in the conference. Recognizing IPC's efforts in creating added value to the electronics industry, Intel Corp is sponsoring the "IPC ESTC Best Paper Award" to encourage and identify technical excellence. Lenovo is contributing to the raffle with its latest multi-mode ultrabook Ideapad Yoga, and Microsoft with Xbox Kindle.  It is not wait-and-see and become a late adopter or follower anymore. It is about utilizing this readily available opportunity at the IPC ESTC or simply miss it.

IPC Electronic System Technologies Conference and Exhibition (ESTC) will bring a wealth of technical information and open up new contacts for attendees. The conference will run May 20–23, with an accompanying exhibition on May 21–22 at the New Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. "This new event is not solely dedicated to packaging, design or PCBs, but covers all of those areas through technical presentations, keynote addresses, and professional development courses,” says Senol Pekin, Ph.D., MBA, Intel Corporation, and general chair of the event. “The program committee, consisting of close to one hundred industry professionals, put together a comprehensive program. Eight keynote speakers will address high level issues, trends and opportunities in the industry. The keynote speakers include James Quinn, VP of sales for  Multitest Elektronische Systeme GmbH, Dr. Choon Lee, senior vice president for Amkor Technology, Dr. Raj Pendse, chief marketing officer at STATS ChipPAC, Raj Master, GM of IC Packaging, SiOps, Quality and Reliability for Microsoft, Dr. An-Yu Kuo, senior architect at Cadence Design Systems, Zane Ball, general manager of Desktop Client Platforms for Intel Corp., Derrill Wolkins, Medtronic's director of product development, and Dr. Tin-Lup Wong, distinguished engineer and executive director of Lenovo’s Product Group Technology.

The conference at ESTC is equally all-encompassing. There are 13 technical tracks, where data-driven papers will be presented. Tracks for the conference include: product design and development; assembly and SMT; PCB fabrication, materials and design; quality and reliability; fabrication and silicon; test; equipment, tools and modules; packaging and substrates; mechanics; thermals; electrical; materials; and industry analysis and issues.

Professional development courses and sponsored workshops offered by recognized leaders and companies will augment the keynote speakers and technical sessions: Advanced Packaging offered by Ravi Mahajan and Bob Sankman of Intel Corp., Soldering Technology for Electronics Assembly offered by Tim Jensen of Indium Corp., Simulation Based Reliability Assessment offered by Michael Osterman of CALCE-University of Maryland, PCB Fabrication Basics offered by Jim Hogen and Don Schmieder of Plexus Corp, and Extreme High Density offered by Happy Holden of Gentex Corp. The cost is only $300 per course. The sponsored workshops Design for Reliability offered by Ops A La Carte, DDR3 Interface Design offered by Cadence and Multiphysics Simulation offered by Ansys, are free to conference attendees.

"We are all looking forward to ESTC ...A unique conference... Great meeting ground for OEMs, IC vendors and packaging companies," says Dr. Rays Pendse, chief marketing officer, STATS ChipPAC. Registration for IPC ESTC is now open though the web site at www.ipc.org/estc. There is $100 discount for early-bird or group registration.  

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