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September 27, 2017

Dr. Jennie Hwang to address Package/Board Level Integrity at IMAPS
Dr. Jennie Hwang to address Package/Board Level Integrity & Solder Joint Reliability at the IMAPS 50th Anniversary Symposium on October 9.

Monday, October 9, Dr Jennie S. Hwang leverages decades of extensive real-world experiences and deep knowledge to address "Package/Board Level Integrity & Solder Joint Reliability." With the goal to produce reliable products while achieving high yield production, this short course provides a holistic overview of product reliability and of critical players of the package/board level integrity and solder joint reliability, including the roles of materials, processes and testing/service conditions, as well as the crucial principles behind the product reliability. Recent developments related to lead-free solder materials and the prevention of PCB laminates issues, tin whisker and intermetallics-related concerns in relation to manufacturability and reliability will be outlined.

The short course emphasizes on practical, working knowledge, yet balanced and substantiated by science. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own selected systems for deliberation.
Registration: http://www.imaps.org/imaps2017/pdcs.htm#d3

PDC D3: Package/Board Level Integrity & Solder Joint Reliability 1:00 - 3:00PM
Topics Covered
1. Package/board level integrity -- premise
2. Package/board level integrity and solder joint reliability -- materials, manufacturability
3. Solder alloys -- what is the performance record of SAC alloy vs. metallurgical principles?
4. Solder joint materials -- what are on the horizon?
5. Solder joint thermo-mechanical behavior and degradation
6. Solder joint failures modes -- interfacial, near-interfacial, bulk, inter-phase, intra-phase, voids-induced
7. Solder joint failure mechanisms -- ductile, brittle, ductile-brittle transition fracture
8. Solder joint strengthening metallurgy to increase fatigue and creep resistance
9. Distinctions and commonalities between Pb-free and SnPb solder joints
10. Thermal cycling conditions - effects on test results, test results interpretation
11. Intermetallics -- Pb-free vs. SnPb, at-interface, in-bulk
12. Tin whisker -- factors, the ranking of mitigating measures
13. Life-prediction model -- parameters to be considered
14. Best practices and ultimate reliability

Dr. Jennie Hwang