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October 2, 2014

Xcerra(TM) to present at Semicon Europa 2014

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Norwood: Xcerra Corporation announces that Peter Cockburn, Senior Product Manager of Test Cell Innovation, will give a presentation at the upcoming Semicon Europa trade show, scheduled to take place October 7-9 in Grenoble, France. Peter will present "Using a Test-Cell-Solution Approach to Achieve Device Quality and Production-Efficiency Goals for 77GHz Automotive Radar ICs" on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 1:50 p.m. in session 1 "System-Level Approaches for Optimizing Test" of the 16th European Manufacturing and Test Conference (EMTC). The presentation has been co-authored by Mauro Strazzeri of STMicroelectronics.

Legislation to reduce car injuries is causing dramatic growth in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Radar-based ADAS are moving from 24GHz to 77GHz, providing better range, bandwidth and resolution for detecting objects. Automotive 0 ppm failure rates necessitate full functional test of the ADAS ICs at 24GHz or 77GHz in both engineering and high volume manufacturing (HVM). Specialized ATE solutions may be under-utilized as requirements change and are not well adapted for HVM. An ideal solution should be usable with different RF and Automotive applications.

A co-development between ST and Xcerra has already implemented 28GHz RF test to maintain the highest quality levels. This is based on a flexible test cell base that can be used for other requirements and a system-level solution to maximize OEE and minimize cost. The test cell is now being extended to provide a 77GHz test solution.

The device under test (DUT) has 38GHz IF and several 77GHz TxRx to implement a multiple beam solution for best performance. The DUT also uses >1 Gigabit serial I/O to facilitate high speed data transfer.

The test cell uses a low-cost 6GHz subsystem and optional radar frequency test modules to balance flexibility and cost of full-speed test.

An integrated test cell design of the complete signal path, from RF instrumentation, through the fixture and contactor to the DUT, is used to maintain 77GHz signal quality. Production contactors are required for WLCSP and packaged devices. In-socket calibration verifies signal performance at the DUT.

Because automotive ICs operate at extended hot and cold temperatures, a “tri-temp” handler ensures the highest test coverage. A system-level mechanical design enables temperature accuracy of +/-2 DegC.

In conclusion, the customer's DUT is tested to the highest levels of coverage, to guarantee quality at the OEMs. The vendor has proven an optimized test cell approach to provide a cost-effective solution with the highest OEE.

Peter Cockburn has worked in the ATE industry for over 24 years at Schlumberger, NPTest, Credence, LTX-Credence and now Xcerra. He has developed real-time and GUI software for ATE systems, managed the launch of several SOC ATE systems and new analog test options and provided marketing and sales support in USA, Asia and Europe. As Product Manager in the Test Cell Innovation team, he is now defining new ways to reduce cost and increase uptime when testing semiconductors. He has an Engineering degree from the University of Southampton, UK.


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October 2, 2014
Xcerra(TM) to present at Semicon Europa 2014
Xcerra Corporation announces that Peter Cockburn, Senior Product Manager of Test Cell Innovation, will give a presentation at the upcoming Semicon Europa ...