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April 4, 2012

Heraeus Launches RelCu
  • Corrosion resistance Copper Bonding Wire is a superior alternative to the current Pd coated Cu technology

Heraeus Materials Technology announced the launch of RelCu - a new proprietary alloyed Copper wire developed and specially designed for the market demanding improved reliability performance. ("Rel" stands for high reliability)

"RelCu provides customers a superior alternative to the current palladium coated copper technology as it eliminates the inconsistent distribution of palladium in the free-air-ball during the ball-bonding process", notes Roman Perez, Product Manager for Copper products at Heraeus.

"We are excited to release this new wire that has improved corrosion resistance to the market as it enables the customer to successfully and reliably bond devices with a more consistent reliability performance" states Jack Belani, Vice President of Marketing at Heraeusí Bonding wire group. He further states "This wire also allows the customer to achieve additional cost savings relative to the current palladium coated copper wire technology platform."

RelCu is now available in production quantities and was shown for the first time in the public media at the booth in Semicon China, March 2012.


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