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Jan 23, 2015
Gilles Poupon, Scientific Advisor, Advanced Packaging, CEA-Leti
For many years, Leti's differentiation has stemmed in part from the combination of research expertise and infrastructure designed to meet Leti's strategic goals and its partners' needs. Today, our capabilities enable us to develop new processes in 3D integration (3DIC, 3DTSV), silicon interposers (2.5D), and wafer level packaging for MEMS. We expect to see 3D applications head in two main directions in 2015. One is ...
Jan 22, 2015
Frank Folmsbee, Sales Manager, Aries Electronics Inc.
At Aries, we anticipate that device manufacturers will continue to develop chips with smaller pitch. This is why we have developed a new spring probe capable of contacting devices with pitch as small as 0.2mm. These new probes enable socketing (for test and burn-in applications) for many new device packages and bare-die being designed and made on this pitch. The contact and spring material are gold plated beryllium-copper. The probes ...
Jan 21, 2015
Neil O'Brien, General Manger, FINETECH
Finetech continues to offer the most precise device bonders in the market. We deliver sub-micron accuracy in a modular design not only in tabletop bonders, but also fully-automatic systems. R&D labs and engineers needing a true pathway to production see this value. Sub-micron precision is critical for the latest complex applications. When a technology change demands a new process solution, our base systems can be adapted. This is what we like ...
Jan 20, 2015
Andy C. Mackie, PhD, MSc, Senior Product Manager, Indium Corporation
As we head into 2015, Indium Corporation's strengths as a materials supplier continue to grow in areas that are critical for emerging semiconductor assembly and packaging technologies: Mobile Device Logic: For low-cost ultra-thin mobile logic applications, Indium Corporation's ultra-low residue (ULR) flip-chip fluxes, especially NC-26-A, are becoming the benchmark for performance, enabling a transition from increasingly problematic ...
Jan 19, 2015
Luc Van den hove, President and CEO, imec
It is widely anticipated that 2015 will be an important year for the Internet-of-Things, Internet-of-Energy, and Internet-of-Health. We expect that to have positive effects across the entire semiconductor industry. The IoT era will require billions of sensor systems, along with advanced servers to store and process all of the data generated. imec has a deep and storied background in helping to enable such new technologies and roadmaps, and expects ...
Jan 16, 2015
Rich Amigh, Sales & Marketing Manager, AI Technology, Inc.
AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) will continue expanding and improving our Die Attach Film (DAF) adhesives to meet the demands of our customers in 2015. Many leading edge companies designing memory chips, microprocessors, medical devices, RF and MW type products have been impressed with AIT’s DAF, which provides high melt-flow and high thermal and electrical conductivity for low thermal and electrical interface resistance ...
Jan 15, 2015
Brian Trafas, Chief Marketing Officer, KLA-Tencor Corp.
From equipment spend increases and materials market revenue to record level silicon wafer shipment projections, 2015 forecasts all point in the right direction, and there is much to be positive about as we arrive in the new year. Our success will stem from continued close collaboration with customers to best understand issues that are impacting their yield and addressing complexities with innovative solutions that will help partners meet or exceed ramp goals. Additionally, KLA-Tencor's strategy is focused ...
Jan 14, 2015
Lee Stauffer, Senior Staff Technologist, Keithley Instruments
I think the future success of the power semi device industry will depend in large part on how well test equipment manufacturers help their customers address the challenges associated with wafer level testing of these devices. Wafer level testing demands the ability to make several different types of measurements--ON-state (high current I-V) at microvolt levels, OFF-state (high voltage I-V) at picoamp levels, and capacitance-voltage (C-V) at high bias voltages--on all device terminals. But each ...
Jan 13, 2015
Thomas Sonderman, Vice President and General Manager, Software Business Unit, Rudolph Technologies
With new technologies like Cu Pillar becoming an integral part of emerging electronic products, 2015 promises to be an exciting year for the packaging industry. To provide differentiated value to customers in the advanced packaging ecosystem, Rudolph Technologies plans to leverage its unique, leading-edge hardware and software platforms. These solutions provide exceptional value, and when combined, allow customers to solve even the most complex manufacturing challenges. Rudolph's next-generation ...
Jan 12, 2015
Rozalia Beica, GXMBA, MSc., CTO, Yole Développement
2014 was an excellent year for Advanced Packaging, for the industry in general and also for Yole Développement (Yole) in particular. The high growth of consumer based products, driven by smartphone and mobile applications, have significantly impacted the packaging segment of the semiconductor industry. At Yole, we have seen a lot of activities across several packaging platforms, from the more mature ones, such as WLCSP and Flip Chip to newer platforms such as fan-out ...