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Jan 6, 2016
VIEWPOINT 2016: Brian Schmaltz, Regional Manager, NAMICS
The electronics industry is expanding and its opportunities are far larger than most realize. Yottabytes and beyond; 2016 will continue to see the expansion of the market place due to new markets being developed within the Internet of Things (IOT). Think of all possibilities and applications for a fluid ...
Jan 5, 2016
VIEWPOINT 2016: Christopher L. Henderson, President, Semitracks Inc.
2016 should be an improved year for the semiconductor industry. The problems associated with currency moves should settle down, and improved numbers from China should lead to better sales. From an education/training perspective, the story is somewhat uncertain though. The continued ...
Jan 4, 2016
VIEWPOINT 2016: Amir Khoshniyati, Marketing/Sales, Sage Analytical Lab
Sage Analytical Lab is quickly growing into the premier one-stop shop for all product manufacturing failure analysis services and applications. Our outlook in 2016 is focused around one key differentiating factor - the latest and greatest FA equipment the industry has to offer. We have built strategic ...
Feb 3, 2015
Werner Plötz, Head of Business Development, Muhlbauer Group
We stay in close communication with the OSATS as well as end customer to learn early about their needs and requirements. We continuously strive to discover new markets and provide innovative technologies in the high tech area. We will introduce a new high speed packaging process for Flip Chip LED Production, which significantly lowers the packaging cost for LEDs. This technology is derived from Mühlbauer's high speed Die Sorting- and R2R ...
Feb 2, 2015
Karen Lynch, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, SV TCL
At SV TCL we believe that our broad range of products and services, along with our expansive global infrastructure, will allow us to stand out among the crowd. Our probe card line is extensive and includes cantilever, vertical, fine pitch vertical and spring-pin for IC test applications such as high volume System on Chip (SOC), Microprocessors, Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages (WLCSP), 3D packages, Copper Pillar, Through Silicon Via (TSV) ...
Jan 30, 2015
Jonathan Doan, Director of Marketing, Nordson MARCH
For the markets that Nordson MARCH serves, we see strong growth in wafer-level packaging (WLP), not only for chip-scale WLP (CS-WLP) but further up the semiconductor line where the wafers are thinned and singulated. Our customers are moving towards packaging when the wafer is still on the carrier or some film. Our new, thinned wafer plasma chamber was specifically developed for these customers. Nordson MARCH's core market of plasma prior ...
Jan 29, 2015
Dr. Dev Gupta, CTO, APSTL
The wait for 3-d stacked Processor & Memory to appear in products is beginning to look more and more like "Waiting for Godot", Beckett's famous play! Back in the early 1990s it took only 3 years for a leading US based IDM to develop the now common electroplated solder bump flip chip technology and implement them into ASICs This lower cost version including Cu pedestals has now completely replaced IBM's original evaporated ...
Jan 28, 2015
Joe Holt, Vice President Business Development, Integra Technologies LLC
We see 2015 shaping up to be another strong growth year for the semiconductor industry. For those of us in the test segment of the market, it means we will need to continue to add even more expert engineering capability and even more sophisticated test equipment to address the ever more complex devices today’s fabrication and packaging technologies enable. One of the unavoidable test industry side effects ...
Jan 27, 2015
Amir Khoshniyati, Marketing/, Sage Analytical Lab
Sage Analytical Lab has been investing heavily into the latest and ground breaking equipment to service the semiconductor industry. We look forward to leveraging this modern machinery to provide quick-turn around and to help identify and analyze even the smallest of features. Sage Analytical Lab is growing quickly and looking for experts in analytical services for microelectronics failures. As a result of our fast-paced growth we have many ...
Jan 26, 2015
Adrian Wilson, Director & Bruce Bolliger, Head of Sales and Marketing, Element Six Technologies
Element Six is in a unique position in that we derive our differentiation from diamond itself. We uniquely provide a range of thermal grades, sizes, thicknesses, and metalizations of diamond to help the industry solve its most challenging thermal management problems. Diamond is highly differentiated vs. other materials in its thermal properties, being up to five times more thermally conductive ...