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Dec 4, 2018
CEA-Leti and Silvaco to Develop GAA SPICE Compact Models
Leti announced during the IEDM 2018 conference a project to create innovative and unified SPICE compact models for the design of advanced circuits using nanowire and ...
Dec 4, 2018
What is driving the power electronics industry?
Enabling megatrends, the power electronics market has grown tremendously last year. Yole announces a US$32.7 billion power electronics market in 2017 in its report ...
Yole Développement
Dec 3, 2018
Air quality monitoring: cars, homes & buildings are driving the gas and particle sensor market
Air quality monitoring in cars, homes and other buildings is driving the gas and particle sensor market. Yole Group of Companies including System Plus Consulting and ...
Yole Développement
Dec 3, 2018
Paper submission deadline: Design, Test, Integration and Packaging 2019
DTIP'2018, held in Roma and organized by Romolo Marcelli and his team from IMM Roma, was extremely appreciated by an hundred of attendees for the quality of both ...
Dec 3, 2018
G&H Completes Installation of Veeco's Ion Beam Sputtering System
Veeco Instruments Inc. and Gooch & Housego (G&H) announced the successful installation of Veeco's SPECTOR® Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) Optical Coating System at G&H's ...
Veeco Instruments Inc.
Nov 30, 2018
Applied Materials Announces 2018 Supplier Excellence Awards
Applied Materials, Inc. recognized nine companies with Supplier Excellence Awards for their contributions to Applied's business over the past year. The awards reflect ...
Applied Materials, Inc.
Nov 30, 2018
TechSearch International Explores Power Device Packaging and Assembly Trends
Power devices are experiencing growth driven by demand in a variety of areas. TechSearch International projects a 4.3% growth in overall leadframe package shipments ...
TechSearch International
Nov 30, 2018
CIS industry: proliferation is benefiting both volume and revenue generation
"CIS is a US$13.9 billion market built atop the CMOS ecosystem and serves all major electronic OEMs", asserts Pierre Cambou, Principal Analyst, Technology & Market ...
Yole Développement
Nov 30, 2018
MicroBT employs Moortec's 16nm Embedded Temperature Sensor in their HPC ASIC
Moortec, providers of complete In-Chip Monitoring PVT Subsystems announced that Shenzhen MicroBT Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. have employed Moortec's 16FFC Temperature ...
MicroBT Electronics Technology
Nov 29, 2018
Palomar Technologies Announces First Photonics Innovation Center in Singapore
Palomar Technologies announced that Evan Hueners, Product Marketing Manager for Palomar Technologies, will present Advanced Photonic Packaging: Empowering IoT and ...
Palomar Technologies, Inc.